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[SPC3] Superhero Archetypes requested

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  • [SPC3] Superhero Archetypes requested

    I am really enjoying reading the new Supers rules thus far and while the included Rogues Gallery is very impressive in it's depth and diversity of character examples.
    It would be nice to see some correctly built "archetypes" of classic superhero types (Speedster, Green Lantern type, Armor guy etc....) like there were in previous versions of of the Super Powers Companion. That way you can just pick up and play a game in the classic "FFF" fashion. Building superheroes is a bit of a labour intensive process (but fun!) and having archetypes handy would be very helpful.

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    Archetype Cards are included in the campaign; the files aren't ready to go out yet. That's where you'll have your super hero archetypes.


    • therealtony
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      WOOOooOOOoo!!!! thanks for the good news!!!

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    As a 30 year veteran of running superhero RPG systems I agree with there being Archetypes 100%. Please also put archetypes in the SPC book under character creation. New players need guidance for this type of campaign.

    Also, each of those Archetypes need to have slightly different point allowances during character creation. For instance, a martial artist would get more points to spend on stats and combat edges and less points to spend on powers. A mutation archetype would get more points on powers and less points on skills etc.

    As the new SPC alpha stands now, it's so wide open that new players require extra GM guidance in order to maintain archetype concept and game balance before the game even begins.
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      Iirc, the Archetypes in Necessary Evil weren’t “balanced” as in even by their costs, it didn’t work out right.

      I think archetypes are great. I would add though that if you could put were the costs came from would even be better.


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        Reworking my generic heroes, here is The Beast...want to try to get two more done tommorow


        • Deskepticon
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          +2 attribute points
          +3 skill points
          +1 Edge
          6 Hindrance points

          I'm assuming you're using the More Skill Points setting rule? If so, you should probably mention that since this archetype wouldn't line-up in a game not using that Setting Rule.

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          Yes on the skill points, when I am done with the 8 I will do a "Campaign Page" that says using the rules for 4 color (Including Larger than Life (which grants an extra Major Hinderance) plus Extra skill Points. Other than that, what did you think of the character as a generic "Feral Hero"