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SPC3 Power Points for Spells etc.

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  • SPC3 Power Points for Spells etc.

    Maybe I’ve missed something, however I can’t see how you would scale an AB using super against regular supers? For example, Baba Yaga has 60 Power Points for her spells. Now, I know she is technically envisaged as an NPC and so the rules are more flexible but the question still stands.

    Given there are ‘booster’ powers for skills and the like, is there any equivalent that lets an AB-using super buy more powers and power points than a ‘normal’ AB user?

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    Super edge and super skill come to mind.


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      Cool - good suggestion. That, in combination with ‘Born A Hero’ would allow them to buy powers ignoring most rank pre-requisites. (Would Legendary still apply given the wording of the Super Edge power)?

      Technically they wouldn’t be able to buy extra power points due to the ‘once per rank’ limit that edge includes. Obviously a GM can choose to waive that limit, however it would be nice to see that spelled out in the SPC if that is what the designers had in mind?
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        Super Edge specifically forbids Legendary edges separate from the if Born a Hero is applied, so I would interpret that as not allowing Legendary edges.

        Though you still have human Adaptable, and Hindrance points.