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SPC: Power Down Modifier

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  • SPC: Power Down Modifier

    I know this could be covered with the generic modifier "Limitation", but I would suggest adding "Power Down" as a modifier that can be applied to powers that normally don't have this limitation (such as applying "Power Down" on Flight, causing the hero to immediately drop out of the sky). This can be used to simulate powers that are especially unreliable or faulty.

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    I think most of the powers where this is relevant have "Requires Activation" as a specific modifier, and the scenario you described is what happens when the super loses concentration. But I do think this is an argument for adding "Requires Activation" to flight!


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      I think Requires Activation should be more of a cost break, personally. It is a LOT more punishing than it used to be. Not only do you need an entire action for the Requires Activation power, you also need to roll, which wasn't a requirement before (and which I actively used as a Limitation in the previous version).
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        I'm with The Stray on that one.