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SPC 3 Regeneration This is not fantasy

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  • SPC 3 Regeneration This is not fantasy

    So reading the new book one thing that seems so alien and out of place it make me wonder what they were thinking.

    The number of supers with regeneration are innumerable, but very few of those specifically have a weakness to one element or another stopping regeneration.

    Where does this idea about fire and acid come from, and why is it in a generic supers resource?

    If a character has an element it cannot bio-regenerate from then that should be a -1 limitation. But the only thing I can think of where regeneration is usually stopped by acid and fire is fantasy where things like trolls run around. This has nothing to do with supers at all and is really annoying.

    Am I alone in this or does it stand out to others as well?

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    I agree with you. I'm totally fine with not being able to regenerate weaknesses, however. Like a werewolf-like super with a weakness to silver. But that's a choice you make when you create the character, not an arbitrary limitation.


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      That could be in master call realm


      • Ndreare
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        I feel like you have a fuller concept behind your words. But as posted it is not a full concept so I have no clue what you are trying to communicate.

      • JmOz01
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        i suspect he means an area where the gm makes the call

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      Yes, I agree with the OP. There should instead be negative modifiers that hinder regeneration for certain damage types


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        Yeah, I don't understand that. Like the "you can't regenerate if damaged by a weakness" or limiting it based on trappings I get that. But what if I made a power that lets me regenerates when I'm in contact with fire? RAW doesn't let me do that at all.

        Also, you telling me a vampire hero couldn't regenerate from acid? Fire, sure, but acid?


        • enmel
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          Can't regenerate from onions or crosses! XD
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        This makes a lot more sense.

        Characters can't regenerate Wounds caused by a Power Type that matches their Environmental Weakness, Power Negation, or Vulnerability hindrances. These Wounds may heal naturally or with powers like healing, however.


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          I also agree. This is too D&D, fire and acid don‘t make sense in a modern setting. There are numerous famous scenes where supers regenerated from fire: Wolverine heals after a nuclear explosion, Claire Bennet walks out of a burning building and regenerates. The weird thing for me is that you can‘t circumvent this. I guess you could take Environmental Resistance vs. fire and acid but that seems overly complicated. Maybe just add a +1 mod that lets you heal from fire and acid damage anyway?

          Also it is always weird to me that you can‘t regenerate wounds from a certain damage type. So you burn your hand with acid it is messed up forever. But then you can just cut it off and a fresh one regrows without the acid (with the appropriate mod of course). That’s silly.


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            Yeah, I agree. Not being able to regenerate from certain attack types should be a Limitation on the Regeneration Power - it shouldn't be built-in, and definitely not based on how trolls in D&D work.

            I'm actually having trouble thinking of a regenerating super that DOES have an elemental weakness or a limitation on what they can regenerate from. Deadpool and Wolverine are the big ones and neither of them care about damage types. A supers vampire might have fire and sunlight as things that prevent their regeneration, I guess?


            • Deskepticon
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              Even Morbius, probably the most famous comic book vampire, can regenerate burns from fire and acid, provided he has freshly fed.

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            I would bet that even the designers could not think of 5 examples without referring to obscure stuff no one hard of or D&D style trolls.

            It must be a copy paste from a setting or something? I know they read the normal comics like Marvel, and DC.


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              I feel that Regen does need a "Silver bullet" weakness built in, but the player should choose it.


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                A great solution is to have the cost of the Power cost a few points more.
                Have a Modifier called maybe "Bane" that lets players choose which energy or matter that it doesn´t work with.