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    Hello everyone! I need a bit of help, my players and I had our first experience with Savage Wolds and Gencon and we fell in love with the system. We are looking to do a campaign with characters from different settings and themes (as understand it that is a thing, please correct me if I am wrong) and I am not sure what we would need. I am obviously getting the core rules and the Dealdlands setting books, as I have a player very interested in it, but what else should I look into getting. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    What you need really depends on your budget.

    The only book we had when we got started was the core book, but as our budget grew we started buying all the toys and extras.

    Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Core Rules (#SWADE) – Pinnacle Entertainment Group (

    If you are sitting on a fat stack of cash I also recommend the Essencials box. I cannot find it in the store (where you get the PDFs with it for free), but here it is on amazon.
    Savage Worlds Essentials Boxed Set (S2P10024): Shane Lacy Hensley: 9781950082018: Books

    I would advise against buying any of the companion books as they are being renewed and the Super Powers one is coming out tomorrow, but the others are coming in within the next year or so.


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      Welcome! To both the forums and to the Savage Worlds system.

      All you need to get started is the core rules (Adventure Edition is the current version), at least one deck of playing cards with the Jokers left in (although two or three decks is recommended), and something to keep track of Bennies (poker chips, decorative stones, pogs, et cetera... even hard candy or cookies can work).

      As Ndreare pointed out, all of the official Companion books (Super Powers, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy) are getting updated, so I'd hold off until the new versions come out.

      We are looking to do a campaign with characters from different settings and themes (as understand it that is a thing, please correct me if I am wrong) and I am not sure what we would need.
      I'm not entirely sure what you mean here.

      Pinnacle likes to blend genres and themes for their own settings (i.e. Deadlands is not just a western, it's a horror setting too), or take a boiler-plate idea and add a unique twist. 50 Fathoms takes place in a world flooded by a curse; East Texas University combines the rigors of college life with supernatural weirdness; Necessary Evil turns the world's super-villians into the heroes after an alien invasion kills all the actual superheroes.

      But what you're describing sounds awfully similar to the Suzerain setting by Savage Mojo. The company has many individual settings spanning all kinds of genres, but Suzerain combines them all into a single "multiverse." If that's something that interests you, then check out the new Suzerain Legends settings that kicked off last year.

      ​​​​​​​Cheers, and happy gaming!


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        Welcome to the forum and to Savage Worlds!

        Originally posted by Madatgravity View Post
        We are looking to do a campaign with characters from different settings and themes
        You need the Adventure Edition core rules to get started.

        After that, things get a lot fuzzier.

        While most Savage Worlds settings are genre mash-ups, they are (almost always) self-contained and internally-consistent settings: Deadlands blends the western, steampunk, horror, thriller, and intrigue genres into a single whole; 50 Fathoms blends high fantasy and age of sail into an engaging campaign of adventure and magic; Sundered Skies blends existential horror, high magic fantasy, and age of sail into a unique but consistent setting of sky sailing and monster attacks; Hellfrost draws upon north-European mythology to create a gritty fantasy world of dungeons, monsters, and hedge wizards, with a Burning Sands expansion that seems heavily inspired by Arabian myth.
        If you want to play in a specific setting then I strongly encourage it. Virtually all of them are great, and even the 'bad' ones are okay (a much better average than most game systems).

        If you're looking for an ur-setting that blends fantasy and sci-fi and horror et cetra then your options dwindle quickly. The Megaverse in Rifts for Savage Worlds would work, but I do not recommend newcomers start with Rifts (it is a good time but the additional layers of rules can make it difficult for experienced players, let alone those trying to learn the system). The realm-hopping hijinks of Suzerain (by Savage Mojo) would be a better fit for newcomers, and can be a blast.

        But I suspect that you can have a campaign of genre-transposed heroes with just the core rules. In there you will find rules sufficient for Roman legionaries, conquistadors, G-Men, SeALs, and space wizards; along with oared galleys, attack helicopters, and hover tanks with frikkin' lasers. Those rules will be consistent, though the higher-technology characters will generally have an (increasing) advantage. In addition, the Powers system is flexible and versatile (though some folks say it is difficult to engage with - that hasn't been my experience but I have learned that I am not always typical), allowing for low-tier superheroes, classical wizards, potent psychics, blessed priests, and magical-equivalent science.
        So the core rules probably have the tools you need to play the kind of campaign you describe. They do not have your campaign but creating those can be half the fun.

        Best of luck, and I hope you and your friends have a great time!

        P.S. Do not be afraid to ask for more help. Most of the folks around here a pretty friendly, and enjoy determining and debating solutions to game issues.
        I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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          I'll hop in to add that Pinnacle is in the process of updating their Companion line to SWADE with the Super Powers Companion out soon. These books are really really useful if you want to build or tweak your own setting even if the Deluxe editions are a bit dated.


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            The most complete list of Savage Settings I know is on Savagepedia. It gives you all the information you need, including where to acquire the book, if there's a free jumpstart available, if it's SWADE compatible and a quick summary of what it is.