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    As a kid my favorite toyline /cartoon was He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I always wanted to develop a MOTU like world. So while working on my Centurion Earth's ancient history (A superhuman setting), I decided to throw some ideas together for the MysTech era

    So this is far from polished, but a few BASIC ideas. About 10,000 years ago a highly developed society formed on an island in the middle of the Atlantic. This society began experimenting with an extradimensional energy source. This energy is the basis of Mys-Tech. Character use the Super Powers rules (Yes I know 3rd is coming out, waiting on some of that)

    One key element is the 7 primal forces each had a race running around. 3 of the races will be strait from SWADE (Human, Avion's and Aquarions), 2 will have moderate changes (Lizards & Cats), and 2 new ones (Dryads and Oreads)

    This thread is to review them

    The Dryads are plant people. They should not be mistaken for the mythological creatures. The average Dryad looks like a series of vines and moss in a humanoid form. As a living plant they are quite resistant to damage and

    Dryads (Plant)
    • Hardy (+2)
    • No Vital Organs (+1)
    • Regeneration (+3)
    • Size+ 1 (+1)
    • Slow to action: Cautious (-1), hesitant (-1)
    • Environmental Weakness: Cold (-1), Dependency: Sunlight (-2)