What are your favorite powers in SWADE? These are my Top 4:

1. Telekinesis. The ultimate open-ended power. Pick enemies up and drop them from a great height or smash them into the ceiling. Grab objects. Stop a suspect from running away. Levitate yourself out of danger. Save an ally or NPC who is falling. Hold an ally or NPC who is attacking against their will. And since the power lasts for 5 rounds (including if you drop the first target for a new one) it has staying power. My favorite power in SWADE.

2. Healing. An essential power in my view and it is even better in SWADE given greater healing has been folded into it. There have been many times in my adventuring life when the ability to heal wounds in 1 action/the middle of combat was life-saving. The fact it can get rid of poison and disease is a nice bonus.

3. Boost/Lower Trait. The flexibility of this power is massive. You can buff any trait -- attribute or skill -- of your allies. Or you can use it as a trait lowering curse against your enemies, making it massively versatile. And you can apply the strong modifier when using it as a curse which is a powerful option. Vigor and the fighting skill are excellent traits to target given the additional passive effect on toughness or parry. And the power is cheap -- only 2 pp.

4. Sloth/Speed. The primary attraction here is the quickness modifier. Anything which lets you break the action economy is extremely powerful by default. I would consider taking the limitation speed/quickness only to make the pp cost cheaper. Still, the sloth aspect has its uses, such as when a high strength, melee based enemy is attempting to close in on you. And sloth can be cast with the strong modifier, which is a plus.

Unfortunately I have never played a character who had all four of these powers. At least one always seems to be siloed under some other arcane background. My current character has 3 of 4. A few of my past characters had 3 of 4.

Honorable mentions: blast (better in SWADE due to the selective power modifier), deflection, invisibility, puppet.