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    Originally posted by JmOz01 View Post
    Also I noticed that 3 of the 4 basic elements were covered so messed with the background slightly on Atalantia to give her a little more "fire". So the main 5 have the four elements and humanity...
    So, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and... Heart?

    Major deviations from myth
    Atlanta: The Heart or The Chick, Fire: Took a little liberty with the whole "Protection of Artemis" turning it into a magic amulet that turns her arrow into "Burning light"
    Boreads: Lancer, Air: Turned one of the brothers into a falcon
    Euphemus: Smart Guy, Water: Changed to a more aquatic hero with a trident that controls the sea instead of just walking on water, also changed city of origin
    Hercules: Sixth Ranger, Not much really changed from myths
    Jason: Leader, Human Spirit, Not much has changed from myths except for a greater focus on leading (Command edges, Minions, etc...)
    Peles: Big guy, Earth: Took a lot of liberty, kind of picture him as the guy from Sky High who changes to a rock monster. He also caries a very big hammer
    I think this is a good direction to take this idea. Giving each hero their own element with which to focus their powers around provides a great deal of narrative and roleplay opportunities. I wouldn't worry too much about historical (mythological) accuracy; just take your cool concept and run with it.



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      Basically finished at this point...feel free to download and tell me what you think