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  • Argonauts

    Anyone know a good source for SW greek myth characters?

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    Have you considered Olympus, Inc.? I have not read it, but it seems like they would be in there as NPCs.

    EDIT: I found this link on Drivethru Olympus Inc. SWADE Update - Fabled Environments | Olympus, Inc |


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      Did not know about it, could not find the main book, just the update you posted...


      • Ndreare
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        Bummer, maybe someone involved in the company will see this.

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      yup...working on my supers world ideas. Main source of powers is decedent's of gods, though most do not know it. Argonauts were the first "Super Team", but again not a wildly believed thing. Was trying to get a handle on how powerful they should be...thinking pulp level (with the few immortals in the bunch having TONS of xp by now


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        I used Mystical Throne Entertainment’s Mythos for ideas for creating Riordanverse-like demigods. I loved the breadth of ideas and setting details, but thought some of the rules were a little bit heavy and used it as a basis for just creating my own race per SWADE rules.

        I also thought Chimera Press’ Mythic was useful for stats. It’s lighter on details and Greek mythos because it includes stuff inspired by Egyptian and Celtic lore.
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          So little update, in my world super powers come from the intermingling of bloodlines with interdimensional beings. These bloodlines began about 5,000 years ago. Greece was one of the hot spots...

          About 3500 years ago a group of heroes formed, many empowered by these bllodlines andcould be considered the first super team...This will be my "learning" prject for SPC3

          Jason, the leader

          Peles, with the ability to change into a giant rock man
          Zetas/Calasin: Winged warriors (Wind manipulators?)
          Hercules (Strongest man in the world)
          castor and Pollux (Fighting men, Regen?)
          Euphemus: Master of the Seas


          • JmOz01
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            Thinking of dropping Castor/Pollux for Atlanta (adds a female and could go with a shapeshifter idea...). plus brings me to the magic number of 7 that I like for teams...

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          These are my notes so far, if anyone knows anything I should add, let me know. Atlanta seems to have no faults that I could find (other than not letting guys tell her what to do)
          1. The Boreads of Thrace
            • Calais
              • Beloved of Orpheus
            • Zetes
            • Powers:
              • Either Speed or Flight
              • Maybe wind manipulation
            • Hinderances implied tenacious to death
          2. Hercules
            • “Strongest Man of the world”
            • Equipment
              • Great Archer
              • Fights with a club
              • Lion Skin Armor
            • Flaw of Wrath
          3. Jason of Thebes
            • No powers (~40% Divine)
            • Leader
            • Flaw of pride or uncertainty
          4. Euphemus
            • Can walk on water
            • Helmsman
          5. Peles
            • Unluck
            • Son of a stone nymph
            • Father of a invulnerable hero
          6. Atlanta
            • ~19% Divine
            • Archer
            • Turns into a lion (after voyage based on myth)
            • Raised by bears and hunters
            • Great speed
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            JmOz perhaps Jason can use the Minion power and call up Caster and Pollox?


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              Originally posted by Ninja-Bear View Post
              JmOz perhaps Jason can use the Minion power and call up Caster and Pollox?
              No powers is my note that he is a "Batman" type character, I think he will lean into command and minion type powers. Atlanta will probably be in the same category (The green arrow to his Batman)


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                Originally posted by JmOz01 View Post

                No powers is my note that he is a "Batman" type character, I think he will lean into command and minion type powers. Atlanta will probably be in the same category (The green arrow to his Batman)
                Fair, then how about just named Allies? Just throwing out ideas.


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                  Originally posted by Ninja-Bear View Post
                  Fair, then how about just named Allies? Just throwing out ideas.
                  Yup, basically the plan


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                    Here is a link to the google doc for these guys. Heracles and the Boreads are up right now



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                      Late to this conversation but something I wanted to note: of all the Greek heroes, only Heracles and Achilles demonstrated superhuman abilities, and in both cases those superhuman had extenuating circumstances (Heracles suckled from the breast of Hera, Achilles was dipped in the river Styx). Point I must make here is: other than Heracles and Achilles (and perhaps some examples of superhuman Greek heroes that I can't recall off the top of my head), all the Greek heroes are at best peak human, even those of divine lineage. Granted, those of divine lineage may be able to call in favors from their divine parent, but otherwise, they're peak humans.


                      • JmOz01
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                        While I am taking more than a little creative license with the source material based on the myths, based on the myths:

                        Herc was super strong
                        The Boreads could fly
                        Euphemus could walk on water
                        (Achilles is the wrong generation, coming one gen after the Argo)

                        Feel free to look at the google doc, understand that this is for a super hero setting, so things are not necessarily mythologically accurate

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                      As an aside, accurate to myths would be hard to do anyways. Depending on who told the myth, names and relationship changed. Btw, neat concept JMOZ01.


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                        I have completed the rough draft on the six characters. I need to write up a little more on Jason's background, and right up their mobile base, the Argo.

                        Some interesting bits:
                        Doing six gives me a classic five Man band and a "reversed" sixth ranger situation with Hercules being kicked off the ship early

                        Also I noticed that 3 of the 4 basic elements were covered so messed with the background slightly on Atalantia to give her a little more "fire". So the main 5 have the four elements and humanity (with Jason being all about leading)

                        Major deviations from myth
                        Atlanta: The Heart or The Chick, Fire: Took a little liberty with the whole "Protection of Artemis" turning it into a magic amulet that turns her arrow into "Burning light"
                        Boreads: Lancer, Air: Turned one of the brothers into a falcon
                        Euphemus: Smart Guy, Water: Changed to a more aquatic hero with a trident that controls the sea instead of just walking on water, also changed city of origin
                        Hercules: Sixth Ranger, Not much really changed from myths
                        Jason: Leader, Human Spirit, Not much has changed from myths except for a greater focus on leading (Command edges, Minions, etc...)
                        Peles: Big guy, Earth: Took a lot of liberty, kind of picture him as the guy from Sky High who changes to a rock monster. He also caries a very big hammer

                        Note: I only use the term "The Chick" as it is considered by some part of the 5 man band trope, I prefer the term "The heart"

                        There are

                        7 Wild cards including the bird
                        2 minions w/Resilient

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