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Resource management but FFF! ??

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  • Resource management but FFF! ??

    Looking for a fun way to model breakable and diminishing resources. Published rules are great, just tell me why they are awesome and the name of the book. If it's homebrew, do you mind sharing it?

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    Which resources? Armor and weapons? Wealth? Vehicles? Retainers? Nations? Planets? Which resources are you trying to model the eventual destruction of?
    And why are you wanting to model that? What additional thematic, narrative, or game play element is this destruction intended to add to the campaign?

    I don't ask these questions glibly. I ask them because the answers define the goals of your rules changes - the answers define the parameters of success.
    For myself, I like to use the Technical Difficulties and Vehicular Fatigue (and variants on) Setting Rules from Rifts for Savage Worlds when I want my players to worry about taking care of their stuff. That's pretty rare, but can reinforce the themes of an apocalyptic setting, or a particularly grim setting where entropy is a major element.
    The first breaks personal gear when the user Critically Fails a relevant Trait roll, with a variable severity that can require anything from a few minutes of tinkering to a complete rebuild / replacement.
    The second easily simulates the wear and tear of long travel across rough terrain, as well as how much of a difference a skilled driver or pilot can make.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      This recently came up on the Savage Rifts discord. The Tomorrow Legion Field Manual starting on page 17 and specifically on page 21 has rules about managing resources for travel that modify the wealth system. You may want to check that out and see how easily it adapts to your needs.


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        Post apocalyptic survival, so initially it's individual goods management. Personal possession degradation/failure ( weapons, armor, etc) at first but eventually macro level resource management.

        Trying to reinforce scarcity and force players to make hard choices.


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          Sounds like you want exactly what it's trying to present

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        I totally overlooked the sourcebook suggestion.I saw the separation line andy mind went " next post".

        EDIT:. re reading this post, it sounded confrontational. What I meant to say is that my brain farted and I didn't even notice the suggestion for Savage Rifts. Advice was noted and rectified. Order placed.
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