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using mind control on a mind controlled PC

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  • using mind control on a mind controlled PC

    this came up after the game tonight, I rolled really well several times and our simi non-combatant psychic asked 'if Willa is mind controlled what can I do to not get stabbed 3 times with her molecular sword?' so I guess we are stuck. If you have a PC who is mind controlled can a friendly physic use their mind control ability to make them un-mind controlled? or do anything else to help them?

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    Supers, right? Haven't played it, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

    Still, my first instinct would be to allow it obviously, and once the spell is successful, then it becomes a war between the two mind controllers, since it is something the other mind controller is concentrating on. They're both trying to assert control on the individual, so it makes sense they'd be opposed in this.

    You can make it a simple opposed roll, that would be my go to solution. You could go simpler, and instead of an opposed roll, have the friendly caster grant the controlled individual a free Smarts roll to break free of the enemy controller (maybe with a +1/2 depending on the caster's roll), since a Smarts roll is how you get free normally. You could also go for something more elaborate, depending on what you want out of this, something like a Dramatic Task to wrestle control from the hostile controller.

    Edit: You likely know this but another thing that could be useful is written right there in the Mind Control power. It says that when the caster is Shaken or Wounded, he has to make a Spirit roll or lose control.
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      Originally posted by PrimeOddity View Post
      If you have a PC who is mind controlled can a friendly physic use their mind control ability to make them un-mind controlled? or do anything else to help them?

      They have a few options.
      • Support the victim's roll to get free. Describe how they use their own mental powers to enhance the roll to escape (if their is one).
      • Dispel the power affecting their friend. Dispel is the power to make bad magic stop.
      • Puppet your friend and give the order to act as if unaffected by any powers.
      • Distract the friend with a Test, making all rolls less likely to succeed.
      And if none of that helps, there is always praying for bad dice rolls. Sometimes that appeases the dice gods.

      Good luck!
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        Great advice, and I agree with it all except for the way to handle Puppet. It seems like you're suggesting the friendly psi should be able to Puppet the victim and (if successful) automatically counter the orders of the hostile psi. I think if you're going to let Puppet counter Puppet, it should be handled as an opposed roll between the friendly psi and hostile psi. That's more dramatic and balanced IMO.

      • ValhallaGH
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        pkitty I am suggesting exactly that. While a power contest might be more interesting, the rules don't directly suggest it. It could be a fine house rule but I am trying to stick to RAW as much as possible.

      • Doc Michel
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        It also depends on the edition if you want to go RAW. Since he was saying Mind Control and not Puppet, it seemed like he was talking about SWD rather than SWADE.

        It is true that Dispel is the power to negate another in both editions. And it is an opposed arcane skill roll between casters. I think in this case it makes sense to have the Mind Control / Puppet power also act as Dispel against the same power, but yeah it is definitely a house rule and not RAW. I'd also think about doing this with Light/Darkness, Sloth/Speed, etc., but I'd have to check if there are unwanted consequences first. It's not RAW, but it matches the fiction really well IMO.

        You could also argue that using Mind Control to help free your ally would be basically the equivalent of a Support roll to break free. Except you're spending power points or risking consequences, which is why I added the idea of giving a free roll to the controlled character for your trouble. Another ruling obviously, in favor of fiction rather than RAW.

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      Thank both of your very much, I should has said this was a necessary Evil game. I will get on our discord and share these ideas.