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Confusion power fixed

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  • Confusion power fixed

    I noticed when reading Pathfinder for Savage Worlds that they changed Confusion to make it useful. All they did was removed the Smarts roll to resist the power.

    I think this will change this from an underpowered spell no one ever takes, to a useful power many people will enjoy. What are your opinions?

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    Confusion, entangle, havoc, and a few other powers had the resistance roll removed. If those powers work then the targets suffer some effect.
    It does mean that the Fatiguing power modifier cannot be applied, but that's fine.

    I approve of the change. It makes those powers very effective without making them overpowering. They still don't see much play, bolt and protection are incredibly good, but my players are not disappointed with their powers anymore.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


    • ellipses
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      I see what you’re saying, thanks.

    • Deskepticon
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      Oh, man... havoc needs to be scaled back or bumped to Seasoned, IMO!

      Automatic Distracted condition (imposing -2 on the subsequent Strength roll)... another -2 on a raise, AND the option to add Strong for yet another -2. Lastly, flying creatures receive an inherent -2.

      I'm fine with the fact that it's devasting to all foes within tight quarters (largely because it non-lethal damage), but the potential -6 to -8 to essentially knock every foe prone (and maybe hurt them too) feels a little TOO good.

    • ValhallaGH
      ValhallaGH commented
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      Deskepticon It's a highly situational power, and as a Force Push it works really well at Novice rank, but yeah the potential -8 is worrisome. But I have found that I simply don't care when my players use it to have fun.

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    I thought confusion was already pretty decent. It was essentially a "super-Test" for the cost of 1 PP. Removing the ability to resist leaves me leery. Is the cost still 1 PP, or did that increase too. Entangle, which has an "automatic" result is 2 PP. It sounds like the change makes these two powers spiritually similar.

    Thinking about it, if I were to make any change, it would be to cause Shaken on a raise (non-Woundable), and add the Strong (+2) modifier to apply the -2 penalty. Basically, it would be just like using the arcane skill to Test, but inflicting both Distracted and Vulnerable for 1 PP, with options to make the power harder to resist or AE for additional cost.