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What are your favorite edges in SWADE?

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  • What are your favorite edges in SWADE?

    What are your favorite edges in SWADE? These are some of mine. I am obsessed with playing characters with powers and/or spells so my list is influenced by that bias.

    1. Arcane Background. This has been my favorite edge in Savage Worlds since I first played in 2013. Almost all of my characters have begun play with this edge. It is the gateway edge for powers and vastly increases the scope of your PCs capabilities. The universal power modifiers in SWADE have added an interesting new tactical dimension.

    2. Level Headed and Improved. I have found Level Headed to be a good edge for any character. Speed kills in Savage Worlds. But for a caster or mentalist I think it is particularly critical because you often want to get off a spell/power before the enemy closes into melee with you. Besides bettering your initiative it also dramatically increases your chances of getting a joker. Level Headed combos well with edges like Calculating or the joker-triggering edges like Dead Shot and Power Surge (which seem like garbage otherwise).

    3. Elan. In SWDE I would have said Elan was my second-favorite edge after AB. But in SWADE I put it third because its defensive/soaking bonuses have been nerfed. Nevertheless, it is still a critical edge for those moments when you must succeed at your action. Like Level Headed, it is generally good for any character with the possible exception of someone with the Back Luck hindrance.

    I think every Veteran-rank character I've played had at least two of these three edges.

    Honorable Mentions: Alertness (also generically good for any character), Extra Effort (a Gifted AB edge and my favorite of the edges new to SWADE edition), Mentalist, New Powers (even better in SWADE), Power Points.
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    How exactly does Level Headed combo well with Calculating? Level Headed makes Calculating a lot weaker, the Hesitant Hindrance is where it's at.

    Apart from the Edges you mentioned which are all excellent my players have been fond of Jack of all trades and also Counterattack (free attacks is really nice).


    • steelbrok
      steelbrok commented
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      Why does Level Headed make Calculating weaker?
      With Level Headed you choose which card to use so are able to trigger Calculating more often.

    • Aristarkos
      Aristarkos commented
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      You're right, my bad. I never thought about Level Headed that way.

    • dentris
      dentris commented
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      In earlier editions, Level-Headed forced you to always take the better card. It was reworded in SWADE.

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    In no particular order:
    • The Brawler Edges. I love that there are now edges for bouncers, street fighters, and hard martial arts, blending striking power and body hardening. The fact that it stacks with Martial Arts, while being distinctly different, is just gravy, rewarding a fighter that learns a diverse set of fighting styles.
    • The new version of Tough As Nails (and Tougher Than) is great; that additional Wound level (without the additional penalty) makes the character feel like a more massive badass than ever before. And the lower Vigor requirement makes it more generally accessible for Legendary characters.
    • Soldier is fantastic. It is not the most powerful Edge, but the combined effects are a delight - virtual Strength for Min Str and Encumbrance, and a free reroll against most Hazards - and the requirements are pretty simple.
    • Channeling and Concentration are so good that I have a really difficult time choosing between them when choosing Advances for power users. I want them both, and eventually get both, but the choice is painful.
    Honorable mentions for nearly all the Social Edges (if I enjoyed playing talkers then these would be listed), Frenzy (because it is actually good now), and Chi because it is all kinds of awesome.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Social Edges in general. Support and Tests are very interesting mechanics and makes a non-combat character very useful in combat situation.


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        Elan - Took it as an experiment and it has proven itself to be valuable in every session.
        I would have also said Counter Strike but I was advised it was in SWEX as well, though I never noticed it until I looked it up.


        • ValhallaGH
          ValhallaGH commented
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          Counterattack. It was introduced in a previous edition, but it is allowed to be a favorite in Adventure Edition.

        • Ogre Mage
          Ogre Mage commented
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          Yes. As long as an edge is in SWADE it is eligible to be a favorite. My Top 3 -- Arcane Background, Level Headed and Elan -- were all edges in both SWADE and the previous edition.