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  • 10 shot gun

    How do I SW stat this gun?
    Click image for larger version

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    It looks like it fires all shots at once.
    So, you've got two options that I see:
    • Automatic Fire: 10 shots is enough for one RoF 3 blast. So you can shoot one guy a bunch or a small group all at once, which seems to fit.
    • Shotgun: Stats similar to a sawed-off shotgun, with a short range, +2 to hit, and big damage up close.
    There might be one or two other options.
    If the barrels slid past the firing mechanism in order then it would just be a muzzle loading ten shot pistol (with a very long reload time). But there isn't enough additional hardware to make me think the barrels move like a typewriter.

    Good luck!
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Originally posted by ValhallaGH View Post
      It looks like it fires all shots at once.
      Hmmmmm, I don't see how this would fire all barrels at once. There's only one hammer. To me it looks like it would be manually slid to the next barrel (the notches behind each barrel look like some form of locking/alligning mechanism), and the lever underneath may be what adjusts tension /locks it in place.

      If I'm correct, then this would just be a unique 10-shot pistol, likely with a 1 Action "alignment" requirement after each shot. Essentially, the same result as loading a single round into a revolver every turn, but with a huge reload time after the tenth shot.

      The thing to keep in mind, AndrewKennett , is that there were a lot of intimidating weapon designs where the actual performance of the product was very underwhelming. If it was effective, we would see more of them. This gun, while it looks cool, was probably a real PitA to use, and it probably broke frequently (Also, it would suck to wear, draw, etc.)

      With that said, you can always go with the Rule of Cool, in which case, Val's suggestions are pretty awesome!
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        According to what I found on Wikipedia, Deskepticon is correct: These types of guns were single shot pistols, where the "slide" was advanced manually. I'd agree that it would be similar to a single-action revolver that you could "load" for 1 action, until you used up all the (pre-loaded) chambers. Then it would be a loooong reload period. I'd probably give it a reload 3, similar to other black-powder pistols. That means it would take 30 actions (10 full turns) to reload all the chambers!