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Possible Error in Chase Examples

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  • Possible Error in Chase Examples

    Hey all,

    I just read through the chase examples and noticed an error in the first chase, the foot chase.
    On turn 5, it says:

    The City Watch, seeing Fafhrd so close to slipping away with the stolen relic, decides to spend a free action to Change Position and then fire at Fafhrd.
    They succeed on their Athletics roll and land on the 10 of Spades.
    That makes no sense. The guard is on the 2 of Diamonds (card 4) and should only be able to move to the 10 of Hearts (card 5), not the 10 of Spades (card 7). In fact, it's impossible to reach the 10 of Spades (card 7) - even with a raise the guard should only reach the Queen of Diamonds (card 6). The error is consistent between the image and the text.

    I assume it was a typo in the text that wasn't caught and that the graphics designer then applied the same error to the graphic.
    It should be an easy fix, too - it doesn't really affect the situation overall (as the guard shoots anyways, so it doesn't really matter how far away they are and it's the last round).

    If anyone knows a better place to report this, please let me know.

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    Yeah I figured it's just an error. You can't normally move more than 2 cards in a single turn


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      Agreed I was trying figure out the same thing..I hope they clean it up because it adds confusion for new players.