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initiative card dealing app for iphone

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  • initiative card dealing app for iphone

    I would like to be able to deal initiative cards on my iphone while screen mirroring to my TV. This would mean we could all see who was up next -- we are playing in person but with distancing and I have a nice new 65 inch TV. Cards are doing OK but not every body can see them from where they are sitting. Most card dealing apps deal a card at a time but it would be great if I could deal 6-8 in one go and have the screen show the characters name and their card, if it put them in order it would be even better. Any suggestions?

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    The Sidekick bot ( for Discord will deal cards in addition to roll dice. If Discord will run on your iphone, that's an option. But it will deal x number of cards, so it's not a countdown or anything like that. You can deal one card at a time with notations, like whose card it is.

    Alternately, you could go the full monty and cast Roll20 to your TV. It can also deal cards and, obviously, lots of other stuff.


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      Savagebot on discord does it all, including taking account initiative Edges, bennies, special Effects, dramatic task token, Wild die and damage.


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        Thanks for the suggestions