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  • Storm in naval Chase

    Hey all!
    How would you incorporate a heavy storm in an age-of-sails naval combat (via the Chase rules)? I run 50F but I don't want to insert the storm hazzard rules to chases

    Naturally a storm will give a penalty to some Trait rolls because of the hampered visibility and the motion of the ships on the high waves, but I want it to also be dangerous. Preferably the incorporation won't be "at the beginning of every turn the captain rolls Boating...." since they are rolling so much as it is

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    I would implement it as a general penalty to their Chase actions. Then have something bigger happen on a club card since it's a natural complication. They land on a club, a wave crashes down on the ship and may wash someone overboard. If the captain takes the move action, anyone washed overboard is lost at sea. If the start on the club card, the ship continues to be pounded by crashing waves.


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      I would add an additional -2 to all rolls (like Horror Factor in Rifts) and then do as architech99 says with the club mattering. Do to the nature of storms at sea I would say if a Joker comes up, there is a clear spot in the storm allowing a brief respite.

      Also worth noting in the age of sail I would used each turn as lasting about 1 hour. and only allow attacks when adjacent or in the same card.


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        Originally posted by OK5 View Post
        Hey all!
        How would you incorporate a heavy storm in an age-of-sails naval combat (via the Chase rules)?
        Probably the following:
        • Circumstance penalties to most Boating rolls.
        • Storm-related complications. Ship-smashing waves, sail-tearing winds, blinding rain, and deadly lightning bolts.
        • Increased hazards mean that a Complication can happen on a second (or even third) suit of action card.
        Also, check out the Special Conditions section on page 116 of the core rules. Nice guidelines on including some of the storm-related complications I mentioned.
        I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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          I would probably make the complications a lot worse, and probably write up a table of storm-related effects depending on the card draw involved. I might increase the frequency of them as well, making them happen on all black cards rather than just on Clubs.

          It would probably impose a general penalty on certain rolls, most notably Boating and any Athletics rolls required to move about the boat or rigging.


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            This is how they’re handling storms in the new Deadlands, it’s based on ground conflict but might give you some ideas.
            Storm: A thunderstorm reduces visibility to 12”, imposes a Dark Illumination penalty (−4), and turns the ground into a quagmire. Running characters must make an Agility roll or fall prone and become Vulnerable. Most Agility-based skills suffer a −2 penalty, including Driving, Piloting, Riding, and Shooting rolls (due to slippery ground, poor visibility, and high winds). When a character’s Action Card is a black Joker, that cowpoke’s horse or vehicle is struck by lightning for 2d10 damage (AP 10).


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              Thank you all for your ideas. For the moment I think I will make, in addition to penalties to things duo to poor visibility, rain and volatile motion, I will make a complication for any black card and perhaps have spades inflict special complications to the storm. I also like the idea of a lightning strike on a black Joker but I am not sure how I feel about it striking the ship drawing the Joker.


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                Maybe roll a die to decide who gets hit and have it strike the ship on a nat 1?