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Science Fiction Companion Character Sheet?

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  • Science Fiction Companion Character Sheet?

    Playing a game using the Science Fiction Companion rules (settting is Warhammer 40k, if that helps) and can't find a good character sheet that isn't tailored for a specific setting.
    Anyone have or know the location of setting-agnostic sheet for sci-fi?

    Would also love it if there were sheets for different types of characters in the setting, like Cyborg and Robot/Android.. but I'll take what I can get.

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    Looking for something like this?


    • Marz Blaque
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      Ha!!! I made this sheet oh so long ago!!! I've made a much better one since then. I'll post it up!!!

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    Hey Deskepticon,
    Thank you for the reply. I found this one through google search the other day, but was hoping for something more tailored for the sci-fi companion -- something that accounts for the rules on cybernetics, robotics, etc. Maybe an expanded sheet that includes space for things like mechs, custom vehicles, ships, etc. But now I'm just rattling off a wish-list. lol

    So far, I think this is my favorite generic sheet that I've found:

    If you happen to see any others around, I'd appreciate the help!

    Thanks again!
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    Here's a couple I made about a year and a half ago. Check 'em out!!!


    • Siv9
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      Thanks for the sheets, Marz. I like the bright color-scheme on these guys & great use of real-estate on the sheet.

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    I may post more sheets in the future!!!