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  • Quick Encounters question

    So i just read the quick encounters rules and had a question. It says that for more dynamic encounters like combat, in order to win, the number of successes must at least equal to the number of PCs. And support rolls don't count as successes. Then they give the example of Gabe using a hacking support roll to help Red with his Thievery skill. The support roll succeeds giving a +1. But even though Red gets a success, he doesn't get a raise so the total success is 1 which is less than 2 player characters so they fail. If I had just re-worded it and said Gabe uses his hacking skills to shut down the cameras as skill roll (not a support) and I got a success, and then Red does his Thievery skill and succeeded, then they would have gotten 2 successes which would be a success. So when would it ever make sense to use a support roll instead of a skill roll in this situation? You still have to get a successful roll to give the support which only gives a +1 and if you raise, gives a +2. And can we assume if you crit fail it's a -2? So you give up a success just to give the other character a +1 and have them try to get a raise to equal to the success you would have gotten instead.

    The example confirms this by then saying on the second try, Gabe does a performance skill roll instead of using a hacking support roll and gets a raise totaling 2 successes. If he again used it as a support roll, it would have only given Red a +2 on his roll and Red would again need to get a raise on his roll for them to succeed.

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    It makes sense to Support if a specific roll is required, but I generally agree that the example isn't great, mostly because it's short. In that situation, you kind of have to assume that it's a staged Quick Encounter, and the GM said "Alright, Red, you have to break in first before any other progress can be made. Without that roll succeeding, you're stuck." In that situation, it makes sense to make a Support roll, because if one failed roll nixes the QE, you want to ensure that it succeeds, whether through all the Support rolls you can throw at it or via Bennies.

    In a more standard QE, what usually happens is that each player says what they're rolling to contribute, they each roll it, and you count up successes vs # of players. In that situation, it doesn't make much sense to roll Support for another PC's skill check, since if you succeed at your roll, all you do is slightly increase the odds that they'll succeed, and you still have to cover the required successes for both you and them. That's bad math.


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      Thanks for the explanation SteelDraco. I totally agree with you.


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        I would tweak the rule that says Support rolls don't count toward total successes. I'd change it so that Support rolls count if the supported roll succeeds, but don't count if the supported roll fails.

        The rationale: The idea behind counting successes hinges on the notion that each success is positively contributing to the story, whereas a failure would negatively contribute. However, a Support roll is still contributing positively, only it does so through the proxy of another character. In other words, while a success on a Support roll has no direct effect on the narrative, the bonus it provides clearly shows that it contributes. So if the supported roll fails, the bonus goes to pot too.
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          Other characters could choose not to participate in a Quick Encounter, but choose to Support the character that is participating.
          This might require some narration, but is fine by the rules.

          Edit: Less "fine" and more "cobbled together out of trash", but you can do it if it makes sense to.
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          I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


          • SteelDraco
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            That would still count against the number of successes required, though, surely? If you're Supporting, you're still "participating" in the QE.

          • ValhallaGH
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            SteelDraco Not necessarily. It would be situational.
            And on review, much rarer than I was thinking before I had my first coffee.