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    Since it's not disallowed, how does Range interact with SELF range powers? For example, how would an evil witch turn the valiant prince into a frog?* Would adding the Range modifier change shape change's range from touch to Smarts?

    *Yes, I realize the evil witch, likely being an NPC, can do anything the GM needs her to, but that doesn't answer the question, does it?
    Last edited by paladin2019; 04-08-2020, 01:32 AM. Reason: DOH! I meant self range powers.

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    The range modifier doubles or triples the range of a spell. Touch spells don't have a range (or range of zero if you will.) Double nothing is still nothing. However, Savage Rifts has a way to boost range (touch included) using a Ritual IIRC.


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      I don't allow Range: Self powers to be applied to others even with the Range power modifier, and the text of Range explicitly says it doesn't increase the range of Touch powers. The Shape Change power in the core book isn't an involuntary hostile effect, as it's written - it's the caster turning into an animal for spying or combat.

      Savage Worlds doesn't have a good mechanic for long-term curses like a witch turning someone into a frog; as your note indicates, that's more of an NPC-only, outside-the-rules kind of thing. The best implementation I've seen was from Zadmar's Savage Spells supplement for SWD, which posited "If you can kill them, you can also inflict other permanent and extremely inconvenient state changes on them too" and trapped both Polymorph Other and Flesh to Stone into variants of Bolt. If the power hurt the target, they shook off the effect with some pain and inconvenience, and if it Incapacitated them, they were either turned into a useless and inoffensive animal or a statue rather than using the normal Incapacitation rules.