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Tentacles, i still don't get it

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  • Tentacles, i still don't get it

    In the rule book it says under tentacles:

    "The creature has a number of “tentacle
    actions” specified in its description (usually
    2 or 4). Tentacle actions collectively count
    as one of a creature’s three potential actions
    for the turn."

    So if the creature, lets say has 4 tentacles--so it can take 4 tentacle actions with no multi-action penalty correct?

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    Yeah, just throw it in parentheses when talking about multi actions:
    Cast Spell, (tentacle attacks), backflip over motorcycle
    and all three would have -4


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      That's how I understand it. If a creature has 4 tentacles, it use all four as a single action.


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        Consider tentacle actions as similar to Frenzy, essentially ROF for melee attacks/actions.

        However, each of these attacks adds a Wild Die rather than one Wild Die for the whole Action, so it is more powerful than any other ROF'd action. This means that a Wild Card with 4 Tentacle Actions can roll up to 12 Wild Dice per turn, but each Wild Die is associated with a specific Trait Roll. Dedicating all 12 potential Tentacle Actions to attacks means the Wild Card must declare and roll each attack separately (or the GM has a whole lot of different colored dice pairs) rather than rolling 24 dice and going for 12 successes. I don't think this is the intent (it's hardly Fast and Furious), so I think the intent is that each use of Tentacle Actions is supposed to get a single Wild Die to replace any one of the Trait rolls as normal for ROF.


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          Originally posted by Nostromo View Post
          So if the creature, lets say has 4 tentacles--so it can take 4 tentacle actions with no multi-action penalty correct?
          The errata / latest version makes this even clearer.

          Tentacles are the kind of "boss actions" ability that players have been clamoring for during all of Savage Worlds. You can juggle chainsaws, fire a gun, knit a sweater, and write a book simultaneously without multi action penalties by using tentacle actions.
          MAP only kicks in if you do multiple actions without tentacles.

          I don't use Tentacles often but I'm glad to have it in the monster toolbox.
          I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


          • DoctorBoson
            DoctorBoson commented
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            Well it says they collectively count as one action, so could you collectively take three "tentacle action" actions (so juggling, shooting, knitting, and writing, 3 times each, at –4)? Or is it more just X extra actions at no penalty, then a –2 for each additional action afterwards (e.g. juggling shooting knitting writing at no penalty, but you could only shoot two extra times and suffer the MAP)?

          • paladin2019
            paladin2019 commented
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            It's like Frenzy, it effectively gives an RoF to melee attacks and/or actions. However, it can be used on each Action instead of 1 or 2 for Frenzy/Improved Frenzy and each attack/action in that pseudo-RoF gets a Wild Die (if a Wild Card, natch), unlike the normal rule of RoF + one Wild Die.

            So just like using the giggle switch on your assault rifle, you could have the tentacle monster make three ROF X actions per turn.
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          • ValhallaGH
            ValhallaGH commented
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            DoctorBoson You get a listed number of "tentacle actions", and using tentacle actions (up to that number) counts as a single action of the three that can be taken each turn.
            "tentacle actions are affected by the Multi-Action penalty as usual."

            If you used tentacle actions three times in a turn then you'd have a -4 to all tentacle actions from MAP. You may have other penalties, because circumstances, but you definitely have -4 from MAP.

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          Thanks everyone, super helpful!