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SWADE Vehicle Guide: sources for 1920s-1930s vehicles

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  • SWADE Vehicle Guide: sources for 1920s-1930s vehicles

    I'd love to get your input on what sources are out there for 1920s and 1930s-era vehicles. There seems to be damn little in the way of pages that have acceleration, top speed, composition of body (I assume steel back then), cargo capacity, length, etc.

    There are some sites with Horsepower, but I have zero idea how to do the math to figure out acceleration and top speed.

    I've been in a Model A and noticed it can haul 4 fairly hefty people along at about 40 mph on flat, with slowdowns on gentle grades. It had surprisingly decent acceleration.

    But characters in my Savage Worlds: Gangbusters game (setting rules gritty damage, critical failures based on the TSR classic) are tired of Model T. They want Duesnbergs, Dorts (I work in Flint, Mich.), and other *nice* cars now that they have some $$ after taking out big bads. Travel in style, man.

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    It's not exactly what your looking for, but this might help focus your searches. It's a catalog of catalogs for various period appropriate equipment.


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      Oh heck yes, that's pretty good. Thanks.


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        Just a heads-up... if you're running SWADE, there is no longer an Acceleration stat. Just use Top Speed (in real-world MPH) and the Vehicles of the Tabletop rules.