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Fanatasy Toolkit and Magic Item questions

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  • Fanatasy Toolkit and Magic Item questions

    A few more magic item creation questions

    1: If an Enchanter has an Improved Artificer item that grants Rapid Recharge, or Improved Rapid Recharge as a bonus Edge, and is wearing it as the Enchanter creates an item. Does the item gain the benefit of that Edge? (as per page 16 of the Fantasy Toolkit Enchant Edge.

    2: And if the Enchanter was under the effect of either a Boost Trait (Casting Skill) magic item, would the enhanced casting skill be the skill of the new item?

    3: Can an Artificer use Bennies to re-roll a failed arcna -4 check when trying to craft an item that has the -4 penalty?


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    From the FGTK, Enchant Edge (emphasise added)
    The item has the Arcane Skill of the caster at the time of its creation, and half his Power Points (round down). Items recharge at the standard rate (typically one Power Point per hour), though if the creator has Rapid Recharge or Improved Rapid Recharge then so does the item.
    1) I'd say no, the item does not gain the benefit of Rapid Recharge because the caster doesn't actually have the Edge. It's being granted to him only temporarily. You can always decide otherwise though.

    2) Same. It's a temporary effect. The boosted Trait might make it easier to create the item, but it doesn't confer that die type/bonus to the item.

    3) Yep! The Arcana roll is a Trait roll, and the rules say any Trait roll can be Bennied for a retry. And if you got Elan, that roll now drops to -2.

    Hope this helps.


    • Psychonus
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      Something else when it comes to being a trait roll, in the book all magic items are wild cards. Even an extra using a magic item gets a wild die for the items trait rolls. IF they have their own bennies is not mentioned, but the item does have its own wounds.

    • Deskepticon
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      Psychonus I wouldn't give the item it's own Bennies. It'd be a PITA to track, and there'd be too many Bennies in play once players begin collecting items.

      I'm even on the fence concerning giving them multiple Wounds. Again, it's more stuff to track, and... how do the items heal? Repair, I guess, but wouldn't you need a Creation Edge to fix magic items? I'd opt instead for just giving them a crazy Hardness stat, like 20+. Since attacks against items don't Ace, it'd take a tremendous force to break a magic item (or its prescribed Weakness).

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    Thanks Deskepticon


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      Where do you get the Fantasy Tool Kit? It seems to me that it has been unavailable for over 10 years.


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      I admit to being a bit of a gaming Hoarder. My posts about my Reptile God campaign I am running/converting. I am using the 1982 module that I bought when it came out. I still have all my old D&D stuff, and my Mechwarrior, RIfts, Spelljammer books. Heck I still have my early Village of Hommlet module


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        Psitraveller have you checked out Artificer's Codex on SWAG? We designed it to be an update to permanent magic item creation that's compatible with the Fantasy Companion/Toolkit magic items while playing nicely along with arcane devices in SWADE.
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