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    So, I have an encounter planned where the players need to split up, collect a delivery and get it to the contact within a time frame.
    There is no guarantee that a chase (SWADE rules) will occur although I quite like the card mechanism as a concept.
    Any thoughts on how to put in a mechanic they can engage with to determine the time it takes them to speed through the city and deliver the item on time?
    Just typing this I suspect I need to just develop a fitting narrative for any complications encountered; maybe even some pre-determined 'state of the road' conditions to modify the driving rolls if needed.

    Any thoughts welcome.

    Genre: Cyber-Punk (IZ 3.0) plus an element of horror.


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    Chase rules.
    The characters start on Chase Card 1 or Chase Card 2 and need to get the package to Card 10 within five rounds. Foes do everything they can to Bump the characters back. Failing to reach the last Card in time means they miss their mark.


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      Alternately, modify the Chase Rules to make "Time" a participant in the Chase. They are thus literally in a race against Time; if it gets to the end before they do, that's a failure. You just have to give "Time" suitable game-stats to make it a challenging


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        You could also do a Dramatic Task. While it doesn't use cards, it fit's the "ticking clock" thing, and will fit just fine as long as you don't add baddies


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          Issue with a Dramatic Task (have used them and are very good for quick solutions) is that it can become very die centric and I'm hoping to make a larger encounter for the race. I like the chase cards element due to it giving a visual element to the task too. Appreciate the input guys and like what you all have said about making NPC's chasing them 'Time' which can 'Bump' and cause issues.

          Think I'm going to make it a predetermined route with set hazards (narrow bridge; cluttered street; water crossing etc) and have 'Time' chase them.

          Cheers guys


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            Here is the critical question to ask before you go down this road. WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES TO THE CAMPAIGN IF THEY FAIL?

            If failure means the story comes to a screeching halt, don't let them fail, regardless of the results of the Chase (or whatever mechanics you use). A Chase is good because the rounds' durations are indistinct and you can fudge things.

            If the campaign consequences are basically meaningless (alternate paths to success, plans for both success and failure, etc), then let the dice fall where they may.

            This is, BTW, something I have learned the hard way. And it took me multiple tries....