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Recharging Power Points while using powers SWADE vs other editions

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  • Recharging Power Points while using powers SWADE vs other editions

    So you do nto recharge powers in SWADE when maintaining powers (pg 151). I cannot find such a rule in my Deluxe book, but for some reason I think it is there. Am I wrong? Anyone know a page number?

    Thank you.

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    Unfortunately you are misremembering, there was no such rule in Deluxe.
    The closest it came was that Maintaining powers inflicted a penalty to cast (which is no longer the case in SWADE).


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      Thanks for clearing it up for me. That explains why I cannot find the rule in my book. It's not there.


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        Yep. Deluxe edition had no real need for such a rule. Most of the powers had maintenance costs in rounds, meaning once the hour had passed, the character would have spent 597 PP before recharging 1 PP.

        Even the two or three powers with a maintenance measured in an hour would simply "break even," effectively cancelling the recharge.


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          One example I remember was the Environmental Protection power. It had a duration of 1 hour. As such, a standard caster without Rapid Recharge could maintain that Power indefinitively by effectively negating his PP recovery (he recovers 1 PP per hour, but the power requires 1 PP per hour).


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            That was the intent behind my question dentris. I have a scenario where someone is hiding underwater using Environmental protection and was trying to figure out if they could stay there until they had to sleep.


            • ValhallaGH
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              Yeah, he probably can. He can stay for 10 hours with the basic Power Points of any arcane background. He can increase that by another 5 hours per Benny spent to regain PP. With the starting three bennies, that's +15 PP for a total of 25 hours.

            • Deskepticon
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              One houserule I used in Deluxe that I'll probably still use if I ever get a SWADE game running is indefinite maintenance. Basically, since the powers system is mostly geared toward combat, out-of-combat scenes often suffer as a result. I ruled that a character can maintain a power "for as long as needed" with just the initial casting cost.

              The issue came up during a Mass Battle when the mage wanted to know how long the fight lasted, and if they were still subject the normal PP costs. I said their armor power lasts all battle, and they can shoot bolts, etc. normally, but they drop to 0 PP at the end of the scene. The player burned through most of their PP anyway, and it was really satisfying for the whole group. We used "indefinite maintenance" a couple more times for narrative scenes, but without the "drop-to-zero" part.

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            In SWADE character has to rest to regain Power Points. You can port that rule to your game, and decide whether effort required to maintaining power prevents resting.