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WW2 aircraft with lots of guns

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  • WW2 aircraft with lots of guns

    Some time ago Ron answered a question:

    This fits existing rules. Probably also makes sense from playability point of view (rolling all those dice causes massive amount of damage). Unfortunately it fails to model the reality well, planes did shoot all of their guns...

    I started wondering why exactly did those planes have all those guns and found this:
    It pointed me to the possible solution. We divide the guns into linked groups as usual. First group is used directly for shooting. The rest is set up to one of the convergence modes (on the ground, it can't be changed in flight). It can either provide its to hit bonus (pattern harmonisation) or damage bonus (point harmonisation).

    Example: Spitfire with 8 machine guns can be set up as follows:
    - pattern: rolls 3 dice (ROF 3) with +4 to hit, +4 to damage
    - point: rolls 3 dice (ROF 3) with +2 to hit, +8 to damage

    Optionally the bonus from additional set of guns may be limited to one of the ranges: short or medium. It is probably a good idea to disallow more than one attack in a round (to avoid problem with massive damage...).

    If those bonuses seem too high they may be reduced to +1/+2. This doesn't work well with planes equipped with different armament (like Bf109).

    Another solution I see is allowing pilots to shoot each set of guns on different actions but without MAP (like Two Fisted), this may show up to be too deadly, though (imagine hurricane with 12 guns...).

    EDIT: One more idea: we link up to four guns. Each extra pair gives one re-roll (for Spitfire this would give attack roll using 3 dice with +2 to hit, +4 damage and 2 re-rolls).

    What do you think?
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    I've been running it as two weapon sets you can fire with Multi-Actions. Or alternate between to stretch your ammo out over a long battle. This has worked well for me and mine.

    The weapon link rules already include Gun Harmonization. That's why sets provide bonuses to attack and damage. Adding another level of harmonization is a potent setting rule but an obnoxiously complex addition to the core rules for a very niche and corner case. From a simulation perspective, it also leaves some doubt about why anyone would have stopped using barrages of machine guns given how accurate and powerful this rule would make them.
    For your house rule ... I'll have to get back to you. Need to consider it further.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Something I've sort of brainstormed on the subject is possibly having lots of extra guns increase the RoF, maybe every four additional linked weapons? Let's assume a RoF 3 main gun. So two guns are dual-linked obviously (3 shooting dice at +1/+2), four guns are quad-linked (3 shooting dice at +2/+4), but six guns is "dual-linked" plus four guns (4 shooting dice at +1/+2). Eight guns is "quad-linked" plus four guns (4 shooting dice at +2/+4, RoF 3 +1 for the extra set of guns), and 12 guns is "quad-linked" plus eight guns (5 shooting dice at +2/+4).

      This isn't perfect, especially since that 6-gun combination is more of a trade-off with quad-linked fire rather than a strict upgrade, but it's clean and your ammo consumption goes up since you're using more guns. I think it's a little bit better than just multi-action firing two sets of guns that theoretically should be on the same trigger mechanism (and is a little more manageable than "I fire all eight of my RoF 3 guns, that's 6 Shooting dice and two Wild Dice with the +2 cancelling out the MAP!")

      There's also an issue with RoF 4s increasing to RoF 6 for 10- or 12- gun fighters, which theoretically makes Rapid Fire not able to increase RoF any longer.
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