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  • Questions RE: Super Powers Companion

    1. Is Super Powers Companion a 'companion to a book called Super Powers' or is it a 'Super Powers Companion to Savage Worlds'?
    Basically, is there another book between the two that's required?

    2. If I wanted to run a modern day supernatural horror Doctor Strange and the Defenders type campaign, with plenty of sorcery, some powers, some pulp adventurers fighting demonic forces, is this the book I would need?
    I'm thinking magic dimensions, possessed humans, Rosemary's Baby, Hellboy, etc.

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    1) The companion books are rule supplements for the main rulebook.
    2) You might want to look at the Horror Companion instead. The Savage Worlds core book handles street level supers fairly when with the Gifted AB.


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      Welcome to the Forums!

      1) Nope. No book inbetween.
      The Super Powers Companion is all you need to turn Savage Worlds into a pulpy, comic book setting.

      It is worth mentioning that the SPC was written for the Deluxe Edition rule-set. If you are playing the latest Adventure Edition of Savage Worlds, you will need to do some converting before the rules properly mesh. Ask the folks here if you need help with that.

      2) I second the notion that Horror Companion may be a better investment for what you seem to be going for. Despite being written for an even earlier version of SW, it actually holds up very well, even for SWADE standards. The tips and insights it provides are useful for all settings, not just horror themed ones, and I've kept it close at hand regardless of what I ran.

      Also, FYI, all the Companions are getting Adventure Ed updates, but from the look of the time-table they won't be available until late this year or even early next year. Assuming you can't wait that long, you can always mine the community for ideas and suggestions.


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        Thanks for the info!
        And the welcome!

        I'll look into the Horror Companion as well.