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Mindwipe Memory edits and Dispel

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  • Mindwipe Memory edits and Dispel

    If a person suffers from a Mindwipe attack and the memory is edited (the +1 Modifier at the bottom of the power). Can the memory modified be corrected or removed if the victim has a Dispel cast on them?

    Dispel does not work on permanent enchantments, and the description in the Mindwipe power says the memory remains lost but does allow strong logic a chance to recover fragments.

    I am just wondering if a Dispel power would worm on overcoming a Mindwipe.

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    Mind wipe is an Instant power; once the effect happens, it's permanant. Dispel only works on on-going effects. Allowing dispel to fix a mindwipe would be akin to allowing dispel to remove Wounds made by a blast.

    A better argument would be to use healing (Crippling Injuries) to restore lost memories.


    • ValhallaGH
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      Nice suggestion! I hadn't considered using healing that way.

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      ValhallaGH Thanks!