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    Now that Knowledge Arcana has been removed, what do you use for figuring out what a magic effect is? Detect Arcana can give you information but only on a raise and it is meant more for finding magical effects rather than studying them. Do you just have people roll their Arcane skill to see if they know what it is?

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    Occult picks up the slack in all cases.

    You may also rule that the character's arcane skill provides knowledge of their particular field. Spellcasting doubles as "spellcraft", Faith works as theology, Weird Science deals with obscure scientific theories... Focus is more touch-and-go, but can provide info on the source of the character's particular Gift (genetic mutation, chemical spill, etc.).

    While I think any skill can double as a related "knowledge" skill, it's important to maintain balance. The religious answers gained from Faith won't be as robust as those of someone with Academics (philosophy). An "x-mutant" can use Focus to understand their own (and similar) genetics, but won't have the "applied" knowledge of Science (biology or genetics).

    Hope this helps.


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      In my 50F campaign I usually rule that it's Occult. Spellcasting will give you the ability to manifest elemental force, but not to understand how deep supernatural things work. Kinda like lifting at the gym vs. learning nutrition and anatomy (a bodybuilder should know the latters, like a mage should know occult, but you can train hard and still accomplish results without it).

      In a setting in which Occult is frequently used to give the players information, and there are several kinds of supernatural powers, I might allow the AB skill for some narrow knowledge checks.


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        You could have both in a campaign. If you decide that for the campaign that Occult is more for supernatural creatures and societies, you could have an Arcana skill that would be for magic, kind of like Science.


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          In the case that I just mentioned, I would be more inclined to have types of magic and different supernatural societies as Specializations.