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Question on skill specializations

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  • Question on skill specializations

    Hi all, got a question regarding skill specs. If you buy a skill at character creation, does it automatically come with a skill spec, or do you have to invest another point to get a skill spec? For instance, if I'm getting Shooting (Pistols) d4, do I spend one point for Shooting and another for (Pistols)? Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Originally posted by LYHH View Post
    If you buy a skill at character creation, does it automatically come with a skill spec
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      Additional points are be spent to buy additional specializations. So, for 2 points, total, you could have Shooting (pistols) d6 or Shooting (pistols, rifles) d4.


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        Welcome to the Forums!

        As others have mentioned, you start with one Specialization automatically. If you buy Shooting at d4, presumably you practiced with some type of weapon to acquire the skill, so that becomes your first Specialization.

        However, exceptions can be made.

        For example, I designed an alternate magic system for a setting I'm working on where the power Trappings (of which there are only 5) are determined by Specializations of the arcane skill. Characters buy die types in the arcane skill and Specializations separately; they don't receive one automatically for free.
        In other words, they can have Channeling (---) d6, meaning they'd receive a casting penalty to all powers as they aren't proficient with any of the Trappings offered by the setting. There are certain perks to offset this drawback... such as getting access to every Trapping from the get, and certain casting penalties reduced depending on if you are male or female. The point is, I just wanted to illustrate that while the core assumption is you get one Specialization "for free", that rule can be overruled if the demands of the setting require it.

        Hope you found this helpful, and Welcome to Savage Side!


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          Great, thanks so much for the help (and the warm welcome) everyone!