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a box of grenades or mines exploding... How do you convert the damage and the burst ?

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  • a box of grenades or mines exploding... How do you convert the damage and the burst ?


    I'm new at Savage Worlds deluxe editon, I've played a while and I think it is a great game. Now I'm preparing a war session

    Now my question is about grenades, mines etc.. exploding stuff all together into a big burst of flame...

    If I have a box of 20 mines sitting there and a grenade explodes into it. How do I deal the damage of that exploding stuff ?

    I'm sure I do not add all the 4d6 damage of all the 20 mines and I'm pretty sure the full explosion is bigger than a medium burst.

    So... do I add extra dice damage like 5d6 or 6d6 for the whole instead of the 4d6 per mine into a large burst ?

    How many extra dice do you think I should add logicly to increase damage .... etc...

    I would like your opinion on this please.

    Sorry for some English mistakes.... I'm french canadian so.... it's my second language. lol

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    Well...I think it depends on what kind of war and what technology is available. The "modern" landmine (at least in the USA) can trace its roots back to the Battle of Yorktown in 1862; during the American Civil War. Hand grenades, in some shape or form, are certainly older. But, in general, a grenade wouldn't set off a landmine. Mines operate by using pressure plates to arm the device, and a grenade might not do the job. It might very well damage the casing without setting off the charge inside. And since World War One, Great Brittain, Russia, and the USA have all either manufactured or experimented with poison gas mines. Depending on when your game takes place, a mine set off by a grenade might cause an AoE hazard effect instead of another damage roll.

    But I digress. The mechanic you're describing sounds more like how SWD handles dynamite. Both Deadlands: Reloaded and Space 1889: Red Sands handle it differently. And both are brutal in their own way. I once blew up a city block in the latter game with a well-placed rifle shot. The damage was 2d6+99 with a 103" (188-meter real world) diameter. The only thing that saved us was the absurdly long range on my rifle.


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      Originally posted by Yan the man View Post
      If I have a box of 20 mines sitting there and a grenade explodes into it. How do I deal the damage of that exploding stuff ?
      However you want to.
      Seriously, there are no rules for the simultaneous detonation of an entire box of land mines. It works however the GM decides it works.

      As a useful guideline, I'll point to the rules for Dynamite in Deadlands: Reloaded.
      1 stick - 2d6 damage, SBT
      2 sticks - 3d6 damage, SBT
      3 sticks - 3d6+1 damage, SBT
      4 sticks - 4d6 damage, MBT
      5 sticks - 4d6+1 damage, MBT
      6 sticks - 4d6+2 damage, MBT
      7 sticks - 4d6+3 damage, MBT
      8 sticks - 5d6 damage, LBT, AP 4, HW
      9 sticks - as 8 sticks and 1 stick, including two separate damage rolls (5d6 and 2d6).
      Et cetera.
      That's one way to combine explosives. Inspired by that, a case of 2d6+2 damage, SBT land mines might deal 5d6, LBT, AP 6, HW. Explosives are one of those "diminishing return" devices - at a certain point you're getting a lot less destructive effect than amount of explosive being used.
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      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        My setting is modern warfare.

        Thank you very much. That is helping me a lot. I will manage my own GM rules there with your guidance. It will help me invent C4 in the game to blow things up. I just didn't want to go too crazy and unbalance a good game by making a false assomption on the way the rules were design. Since they are no really guideline in the SWD there. I never read Deadlands so that's why I didn't find the right answer.



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          In Achtung! Cthulu, explosive's damages are marked "special" and refer to this note:

          Bucketfuls of Dice

          When you look at the Weapons Tables on p.126 and p.127 for Grenades and Explosives, you will notice that many of them have their damage marked as "Special". Although we could provide you with the exact number of damage dice these explosive charges cause, when using them against human beings and the vast majority of vehicles, they either destroy them or they don’t—certainly no man is going to survive being hit by 8oz of PE, even if it only does minimum damage.

          So instead, treat the damage caused by such massively powerful explosives cinematically—does it serve the purpose of the plot for it to do big damage, or only partially destroy a building or vehicle? Do you really want a distant explosion to kill the evil Nazi scientist, or would you rather finish him off yourself, face-to-face? Hopefully treating explosive damage in this way will stop your adventure getting bogged down by rolling huge numbers of dice, and keep the stor y flowing.

          Of course, there are certain Mythos creatures that can stand up to the sort of destruction dished out by really big bombs, and for more information on large-scale Cthulhoid combat, see Achtung! Cthulhu: Terrors of the Secret War.


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            thanks again ! I will check that out.

            I'm glad that you all take time to answer my question.

            I hope my game will go well.

            I will tell you what will happen with it.