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  • [SPC2] Requires Material

    If a Cyborg super had a Forearm Blaster that required e-clips to function, would that be a -1 or -2 Requires Material?

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    Presumably the e-clips would need to be on the character's person, and if he runs out he can't use his power. I would put that at -2.


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      I'm going to assume this isn't Savage Rifts related, despite the e-clip usage. If the assumption is wrong then the answers will change.

      Generally, if a Requires Material needs you to be touching something then it is a -2 version.
      However, this isn't a Requires Material trapping. It's either a Limitation (uses ammunition) situation (-1 if ammo is relatively cheap and shots per clip is large; -2 if ammo is scarce, needs to be change frequently, and expensive), or a Trapping drawback - a clever foe may "unload" the arm blaster, but the player never has to track ammo or worry about reloading.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


      • BrotherGrrrimm
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        Ah, thanks for that. Yeah its not a Savage Rifts idea, just something I'm mulling over for a Supers game.

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      I'm not sure I'd actually give it a Limitation. There's an NPC for Necessary Evil: Breakout named Firefly who has a flamethrower (-2 Device) with no ammo restriction. I think it's best to consider it a trapping of the weapon and move on.


      • ValhallaGH
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        Yep, depends on if the player wants to be tracking Shots and reloading or not.
        If actually tracking shots then that's a Limitation of the power.
        If it is just a Trapping then it is just a Trapping. (As I mentioned in my previous post.)

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      There are some other implications that come with an "armcannon." If it's like a megaman-style armcannon, with no hand attached, then the character might have a variation of the One Arm Hindrance. If it "transforms" into a gun from a cybernetic hand, then Slow To Activate might be appropriate. In either case, Device shouldn't be taken unless the cannon can somehow be removed or destroyed (Called Shots).