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Big changes between Deluxe and SWADE?

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  • Big changes between Deluxe and SWADE?

    Hi all. I'm sure this has been asked before, but are there any major changes between DE and SWADE? I'm getting ready to run Deadlands: Reloaded for the first time and was wondering if it's worth updating to the most recent edition of SW before starting. I have no real experience with SW at all at this point and am coming from Deadlands Classic. I've read through the Deluxe Edition a few times so I have a decent understanding of the rules already. Thanks in advance

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    There are so many changes in SWADE that are better and more streamlined. SWADE is the epitome of Fast Furious Fun to me.

    Casters are better. For example, you recharge 5 power points per hour now instead of 1 per hour. You now can regain 5 power points by spending a Benny. Taking the New Powers edge gives you two powers instead on only one, so casters can get better quicker.

    There are more things to do with Bennies like rerolling damage.

    Multi actions are better. Before you were limited to where you couldn't do the same type of action in a turn. Now it doesn't matter. You can do three fighting actions in a turn if you are fine with the multi-action penalty.

    Supports and Tests are amazing and replace Tricks and whatever the other rule was. It allows your PCs to use any skill in a creative way in combat.


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      Is it still easily compatible with older SW? or would there be a lot of conversions to make Deadlands run smooth in SWADE

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    Older settings are quite playable in Adventure Edition. There are a few hiccups, but mostly it's really smooth to make the change.

    They haven't released a conversion document specifically for Deadlands yet, probably because they're writing a new Adventure Edition compatible version (set post 1882).
    Still, the general conversion is a great start and should answer most of your questions.

    Generally, the change is awesome.
    You'll need some Fannin' the Hammer rules, but the The Sixth Gun conversion has a version that will probably be in the new Deadlands.
    The only changes that might be a problem are deleting Charisma (some changes to the balance of Hindrances and Edges) and trying to use the older versions of Blessed (the Stone & a Hard Place version works great). Splitting Two Fisted into Two Fisted and Two Gun Kid will confuse some players, but everyone will adapt quickly.

    I've long complained about Grit in Savage Deadlands. Having Grit be a bonus that automatically increases makes Fear trivial in most situations. I'd recommend changing it to negating Fear Level penalties instead of being a bonus - so Grit can't do more than negate the Fear Level and put the heroes on par with the critters. It makes the horror more threatening.

    The more likely problem is that you'll approach Savage Deadlands like it was Classic. The rules work differently, with different styles and tones.
    Combat is one of the easiest examples.
    In Classic, you regularly take multiple actions per round, regularly go for head shots, and usually run away from critters Size 10 or bigger (the Size effect on damage makes Size insanely powerful).
    In Savage, you usually only take one action per round (up to three with Edges, powers, or desperation), rarely aim for head shots because the increased damage is rarely worth the much lower hit chances, and are glad to see big creatures because you're much more likely to hit with a Raise and can spend Fate Chips on damage to quickly kill them.

    Generally, Savage Deadlands is more survivable than Classic (you can't bleed to death if you're not Incapacitated). Success is more likely for most tasks. But it's still crazy and fun.

    Aside: Keep an eye on Deal With The Devil Hucksters. They're fine early on, but at high Grit they get unstoppable. When a Huckster gets to draw 14 cards per deal, a Straight is the worst possible hand.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


    • Zevon45
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      In your opinion, is SWADE a worth while upgrade considering I have never played SW before? Or would I not be hindered by sticking with DE. I'm actually finally working on painting miniatures I bought 20 years ago when Great Rail Wars came out so I can use them in the game.

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      Speaking for myself only, I am no longer interested in other systems than Savage Worlds. I'll play other systems at a con but for regular play it's Savage Worlds or bust.

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      Zevon45 Yeah, I've found Adventure Edition to be worth the upgrade. The new edges, new powers, the conditions, the change from Tricks to Tests, the new Benny options, and more are just great changes that make the game play better and be more fun. The defined action economy (you can take Multi-Actions, but no more than three) is supported by numerous Edges and powers, keeping most characters to a single action per turn but enabling anyone that invests to reliably perform two or three actions.
      I'm a big fan of the Adventure Edition rules. I'm sad they won't be for sale for $10, but they're enough better that I say it's worth the expense.

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    Zevon45 I was first turned onto Savage Worlds in 2012, just as Deluxe Edition came out. We actually started with Explorer's Edition and the Necessary Evil setting, before switching over to Deadlands Reloaded and SWD.

    Savage Worlds has easily become my favorite game system, and Adventure Edition takes what I loved about it and made it better. Many of the "one-off" mechanics have been consolidated and clearly defined (specifically talking about the new Distracted and Vulnerable conditions), and the new Stunned condition is welcome addition, even though she's a cruel mistress.

    In my opinion, yes!, converting to SWADE is very much worth the extra effort of fiddling with some of the DL:R rules. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always pitch them to the forums.

    Good Luck!


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      Thanks for all the feedback guys. I decided to upgrade to SWADE and just pre-ordered the book, PDF and box set off the Pinnacle website. I'm sure I'll be back with questions!


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        the new Options for Bennies are amazing, you can literally spend a bennie to retcon the plot and either pull an item out of nowhere or simply be left for dead and saved by a traveling caravan instead of actually dying. both are limited by what the GM can justify and the pressure is less about character death itself and more about dealing with the consequences of your actions. failing forward is a new thing here,