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Question About Stunned Status on 2nd Turn

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  • Question About Stunned Status on 2nd Turn

    According to SWADE v5.2, if a stunned character succeeds at Vigor roll at the beginning of his or her turn, the character is considered Distracted and Vulnerable until the end of the character's next turn. So that means the character is Distracted and vulnerable for the rest of this turn and until the end of the turn after this, so that is two turns duration. However, if the character succeeds with a raise, the character is neither distracter nor vulnerable at the beginning of this turn.

    My question is this: Can a player ask to roll a vigor check at the start of his or her next turn in the hopes of clearing the second turn of vulnerable and distracted? If so, would a raise still be needed or would a mere success suffice on this second turn?

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    I would not think one could roll again in the next turn to get rid of those effects, since he/she have allready rolled vs that effect in the previous turn. But thats only my take on that rule.


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      This is what spending bennies is for.

      Edit: To clarify I am not suggesting that bennies would clear Distracted or Vulnerable but bennies are used to reroll a Trait Roll. If you want a raise to clear all Stunned effects then spend a benny and reroll.
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        I would let them spend a Bennie at the beginning of their next turn to roll the Vigor, and a simple Success removes all ill effects immediately.
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          Yep, Stunned is one cruel SoB!

          Just a note, Bennies do not remove Distracted or Vulnerable... only Shaken. Distracted/Vulnerable simply go away on their own (noted by the individual effect).

          As it says on page 100: "If a hero becomes Distracted or Vulnerable during her current turn, it lasts until the end of her next turn." This is essentially what's happening when you recover from Stunned; you become Vulnerable (on your current turn) so it lasts until the end of your next turn. Distracted comes along for the ride, even though technically it should expire at the end of your current turn.
          ...I imagine it's done the way it is for simplicity. Less tracking.

          With that said, if you want to call for a Vigor roll to remove D/V at the beginning of the character's next turn, I don't think it will break the game.
          ...Alternatively, remove Distracted at the end of their current turn, but leave Vulnerable until the end of their next turn.
          ...Or remove both D/V at the end of the current turn (a magnanimous ruling if Stunned lasted for several rounds... because, dang!, they suffered enough).
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            Originally posted by Portentious View Post
            My question is this: Can a player ask to roll a vigor check at the start of his or her next turn in the hopes of clearing the second turn of vulnerable and distracted?
            Nope. Baring a Power/Edge/Gear, the only thing that clears Vulnerable or Distracted is time.

            Of course, you are free to do what you want at your table, but there isn't any way to remove those conditions in the rules as written.


            • Portentious
              Portentious commented
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              Bolster clears Vulnerable *or* distracted, with a successful test. So while I agree that is one way of reducing the duration, two successful tests would be required to remove both states IAW SWADE.

              From a personal point of view, as a player and GM, I'd like to be able to have some things be automatic no-brainer actions, like clearing a Distracted or Vulnerable status at the end of any player's turn. Easy peasy. But with them as they are I have to count down and carry it over an extra turn, which is a bit of an accounting burden. Yeah, yeah, I know "how hard can it be to remember whether that status has been there for one turn or two?" Let me tell you from experience, it is hard enough for mistakes to be made regularly, even with a table full of players trying to help remember.
              One way I can think of to help make it a no-brainer would be to have two sided D and V counters with a D2 or V2 on one side and a D or V on the other side. This way, when someone gets a Disabled or Vulnerable status effect, you place the D2 or V2 side up, respectively. Then at the end of their next turn, you flip it over so it is just D or V. Then at the end of their next turn, you remove the counter.

            • Ndreare
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              I like the two sided counter idea

            • steelbrok
              steelbrok commented
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              I like the idea of two sided tokens too. Though it crossed my mind that you could just give out two tokens and remove one at the end of each round