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  • Tiny Droid in a Shell

    One of my players wants to play a tiny droid that built himself a suit to be stronger. Think of it basically like a podracer pit droid sitting on top of a superbattledroid body. How would you approach this?

    I want to give incentives for him to sometimes do things in the larger droid shell but also come out and be the tiny droid from time to time. My initial thoughts were to split up the wounds between the tiny droid and the shell. I was thinking he'd have a full 3 wound limit when in the shell but only have a one wound limit when outside the shell. However, that now seems to extreme and can get him killed too easily. Maybe toughness should go down when he's out of his shell?

    Here's something I threw together. Thoughts?

    Tiny Droid Traits:
    Size and Toughness - 1
    Parry -1
    Skill Penalty Fighting (-2)
    Skill Penalty Shooting (-2)
    Skill Penalty Athletics (-2)

    Droid Shell Traits:
    Skill Penalty Electronics (-2)
    Skill Penalty Hacking (-2)
    Skill Penalty Repair (-2)
    Skill Penalty Healing (-2)
    Skill Penalty Thievery (-2)

    If he ever needs to hop out of or into the shell during combat, I'll probably have him spend an action to do so.

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    When you say "Tiny" do you mean the Scale descriptor, or are you just using it colloquially? Because Tiny Scale is the size of a mouse. A pit droid would be Small Scale, so that's what I'm going with.

    Anyway, I think I would just build the base droid as a custom race, and treat the warframe as a type of power armor (i.e., gear). As a droid, he'd obviously have Construct. In fact, the Android race in SWADE is a pretty good template to start with, swapping out Pacifist with Dependency (recharge).

    One idea is for the Dependency to only affect his warframe, increasing the recharge time to 3 hours a day, and forcing the character to get out every once in a while (the little guy doesn't need recharging).

    I'm not sure what your player is looking for, but here's my take on the warframe (build points in brackets):
    • Size +2 (+2)
    • Strength +2 types (+4)
    • Big (-2)
    • Clumsy (Major) (-2)
    • Slow (Major) (-2)

    So the ability list in total is:

    Construct (+8)
    Dependency (-2)
    Outsider (-2)
    Small Scale: -2 Toughness; -2 to be hit (+0)
    Vow (-2)
    Warframe (+0)


    • Deskepticon
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      Note that there are also role-play drawbacks to being Small. The droid might not be able to reach door handles/controls, and he probably couldn't operate vehicles without a penalty.

      These are hard to put a value on because they depend on the type of setting and situations you present. At best, it's a tentative -1 though. If this is important to your setting, you can bump the warframe's Size to +3, or reduce Slow to a Minor Hindrance.

      Second Note: While using the warframe, the character loses the to-hit benefit from Small. This should be obvious, but is still worth mentioning for clarity's sake.
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    The droid could also be built as a Weird Scientist, with Growth and Boost Trait powers trapped as the warframe. This provides an existing mechanic for improvements to the warframe.


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      Like paladin2019 said, I would run it as a weird scientist; however, I would use the summon ally power. Trap it as a mech that he is always riding in, but in order to put it into combat mode you have to activate the power. The problem with this would be that the mech would count as an extra. I suppose you could put in a house rule for him that he gets the mind rider modifier for free on this power, but the mech uses his wounds rather than having his own, so as the droid takes damage so would he.


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        What's the setting? My recommandation will differ depensing on whether this is a straight sci-fi, sci-fantasy or supers setting. Also, is there any deterent for the droid to leave the warframe at all? Even if he leaves the warframe once in a while, if it's not something that will come up regularly then build the suit as the race and keep the tiny robot inside a bigger one as mostly fluff. It's not like he will get muscles pain from staying in an enclosed space all day long (unless it's a futurama game, in which such things are possible)


        • Toa Lewa
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          The setting is Star Wars.

        • dentris
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          Your comment below would have been my suggestion, so nothing to add mechanically.

          RP-wise, however, this idea has lots of potential and could go in so many direction the player needs to answer this question: what's the relationship between the droids? Are they on an equal footing, each sharing the bulkier body for protection, or is one droid in charge and the others are minions. Maybe they are a thought collective, bend on gathering more droids to create a superior artificial lifeform. Or maybe they are all the same droid, he simply copy his programming into lesser versions of himself and send them to do dangerous tasks, confident at least part of itself will survive should the smakk droids get destroy.

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        I think I'm going with ScramTX's Summon Ally suggestion. I pitched the idea to my friend to have the droid be a combination of multiple droids and he uses Summon Ally to pop smaller droids off of his body when he fights. He liked it.