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Is there a cooking skill?

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  • Is there a cooking skill?

    Survival maybe covers it, but what if you want to make a “chef” character?

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    Survival covers "wilderness cooking". Modern day "being an adult" cooking would be Common Knowledge (hence, a Clueless person is someone who can burn water).

    For a professional chef, you might want to look at Performance. Maybe a specialization of the skill. Opens the door for Fame/Famous earning you money as a highly desirable celebrity chef.


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      Make it an edge that adds to common knowledge.

      No new skill, but a skill everyone uses daily
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      • tbone9581
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        Cooking (Professional), requirements Common kn d6: Your know more recipes than Ina Garten has cook books. Anytime you are cooking you can always make a free reroll on your common knowledge skill roll. Additionally you can substitute common kn for performance when trying to earn money.

        Just a thought off my head. If it is too much for one edge split it up. Cooking (Free Reroll), Chef ( substitute common kn for perform to earn money).
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      • paladin2019
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        I'd actually change the base skill used to Performance. Chef-ing is as much about management and presentation as tasty victuals.

      • Deskepticon
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        Oh, no! Not another "free reroll" Edge. Have people lost all imagination?
        I jest... but only slightly.
        Here's one:

        Novice, Performance (cooking) d8 <or whatever skill you want to use>
        Your food is not only good, but highly nutritious. Whenever someone eats a meal prepared by you they remove one Fatigue level (if they have one) and add +2 to their next Natural Healing roll.
        The meal must be top-end, requiring adequate ingredients and at least one hour to prepare.