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Wings and falling damage

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  • Wings and falling damage

    Would having wings allow you to avoid or reduce any damage from falling, say if you were knocked off a ledge? Say with an Athletics check to slow your fall, or take flight from higher distance?

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    Welcome to the Forums!

    There are no official rules for winged creatures falling (which may have been an oversight), but looking at the Falling Hazard entry we can probably glean a "rule-of-thumb" for them. The following is from the entry:
    Water: A successful Athletics roll halves
    damage into reasonably deep water at heights of 10″ (20 yards) or less. A raise negates the damage entirely. Those who fall into water from heights greater than 20 yards take damage as if they’d hit solid earth.
    I'd probably use similar wording to this, for the sake of consistancy.

    Wings: Falls from 10" (20 yards) or less require an Athletics roll, as the avian needs to realign her body and properly catch the air. A success halves damage while a raise negates it entirely. Falls from heights greater than 20 yards add +2 to the roll as she has more time to make the adjustment. At the GM's discretion, falls from very high may allow for multiple rolls, with each failure adding a cumulative -2 penalty as the plummeting character approaches terminal velocity.

    This is just one take. Use it or alter it however you want.


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      Unless something was preventing the character from flying (such as they were Bound or Entangled), I'd just let them fly and avoid the damage altogether. Otherwise they have the fun of hitting the ground like everyone else.


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        I appreciate the quick responses!!

        I think I may just combine parts of the two answers....a fall from 20 yards or less will require an Athletics roll, anything higher the wings can save you (unless Bound or Entangled).

        Thanks again, guys!