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    So as my Ripper's game is on hiatus because a couple of friends are out of town for a couple of weeks, I'm playing an Escrima/Arnis/Kali stick fighter. And as Edges I have the appropriate Ambidexterity, Two Fisted and Martial Artist, which brings up a question.

    A common trick I like to use is Right Stick, Left Stick, Kick. Now, due to the aforementioned Edges, the two stick attacks don't get any penalties, because they're separate limbs, but so is the kick. Does it does it get the Multi-Attack Penalty?

    Which leads into another question: How would one do Martial Arts in SWADE? We're talking about modifying Trademark Weapon for various styles, like Escrima Weapon which limits to clubs and knives/short swords. But we're wondering if there's a more elegant, less house rule intensive method.

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    The Kick is a third action, so it gets MAP.
    If you only use one stick and a kick then you're fine. If you use two sticks and a kick then you're taking three actions and suffer MAP.

    Escrima is a speedy combat style, with a large emphasis on rapid strikes. You'll want to take the Frenzy and Improved Frenzy Edges.

    Until the Martial Arts Companion comes out - and it is being made, though we don't know what stage it's at or when it will release - I recommend modeling fighting styles with Edge combinations.
    A "soft" martial art focuses on defense and counters; so use the Block and Counter Attack Edges.
    "Hard" martial arts focus on striking. The No Mercy and Brawler Edges would be good fits.
    Then you've got fast, controlling styles. First Strike and Sweep work well with those.
    The real world, or fictional world, combat style is a Trapping on those Edges.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      The kick would get the Multi-Action Penalty, but not (as far as I'm aware) any kind of off-hand penalty. That's how I would rule it. -2 to all three attacks, since you apply the total Multi-Action Penalty to all actions in a round.

      Martial Arts in SWADE are just the various combat Edges, fluffed as appropriate for what you're doing. Martial Artist is the core one, then there's Martial Warrior, Brawler, and Bruiser, if you just want to pump up your unarmed damage. There's Chi for the magical monk type, and AB: Gifted works well for more supernatural martial artists like the ones in Deadlands.

      A soft art like judo might focus on Block and Counterattack, particularly using the free attack from Counterattack to do a grapple or a push (to knock people prone). A speed-oriented art might include Extraction and Frenzy. Something harder might teach No Mercy (I could see that as a part of krav maga, for example).


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        ValhallaGH and SteelDraco have covered everything I would have said and more. But I would like to pitch a question that relates to this topic. Some establishing facts first...

        Martial Artist allows a character to Trap an attack as either a punch, kick, headbutt, elbow strike, etc, etc. It does not, however, give you access to the benefit of Ambidextrous. So a single strike can be described as a kick without penalty, but a punch/kick combo would carry the "off-hand" penalty for one of those attacks... presumably.

        So the question is: would having Ambidextrous remove "off-hand" penalties on all attacks (kicks, headbutts, etc.) for characters with Martial Artist?

        Or would you relegate Ambidextrous to *just* the off hand, continuing to apply the penalty to kicks, et al? Or... would you require a Martial Artist to designate which body part Ambidex applies to and allow them to take the Edge multiple times?

        It might be important to note that off-hand penalties apply to more than just attacks, and Ambidextrous removes that penalty in all cases. As silly as sounds to think of a character turning a wrench with their foot, there is real-world precedent for people that have learned to perform actions with their feet that feet were not designed to do.

        I'm aware the answer likely lies somewhere in the nebulous-zone, but for the sake of this excercise, let's assume the Martial Artist has two arms, two legs, and... one head.


        • ValhallaGH
          ValhallaGH commented
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          GM call. Personally, yes, Ambidextrous removes the off-hand penalty regardless of limb. It's more fun that way.

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        First off, Clint said HERE that "any [attacks] that aren't with the primary hand would count as "offhand."" Altho that was in 2013.

        But in 2017, HERE he said that "The GM could rule that Ambidexterity would apply [to a kick]". Meaning it's the GM's call.

        And there's a 3-screen debate over this very same topic HERE.
        Savage Summaries-RAW, with added info from Clint:Combat Actions,Cover,Healing,Using Powers,Grappling,Chases
        Also:Persuasion,Better Bosses,Better Combat Rating
        And:historical tech levels,generic SW sci-fi tech levels


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          Hello, in Shaintar (pre-SWADE, but still interesting) you have interesting Edges, especially for the Korindian races, for Martial Artists.

          - Wrestling ability to "strike" with full martial damage during a Grappling instead of just "crush" that does strength damage
          - Takedown that shake your opponent when your Push manoeuvers make them hit the ground
          - Tsunami blow, on a raise, it includes a "push" (str vs str, that can move opponent backward a few inches) if you wish to
          - Stances (called Kor-In styles) : each time you pick the edge you pick a stance. Begining of your turn you select if you change stance or not. Most stances reduce pace a bit (either halved, or reduced by one).
          You get Monkey stance that add +1 reach (get in, get out, use kicks, etc.); thunder that provide AP; Jaguar that is equivalent of SWADE Frenzy; Rock that increases toughness; one that improves Agility tricks err.. Athletics Tests; etc.
          - Shattering blow that can damage armor opponent is wearing
          - Deny the steel that let you wire a disarm attempt into a counter attack if I remember right
          - Deny the arrow that let you oppose your parry to an arrow that you saw coming at you, once per round
          - Blind fighting that let you ignore illumination penalties while doing punch attacks
          - Close combat, that let you gain parry (and an improved version that gives fightning bonus) when fighting with bare first against someone with weapon longer than a dagger (+1 vs reach 0, and additionnal +1 per opponent's weapon reach)

          there are also edges that let you ignore MAP for casting a self-boosting power (the book lists a few specific powers like armor, deflection, smite, speed, ..., and you can only target yourself not allies) and doing an attack on the same round.

          So, Koridians and Shaintar.

          You can also find nice ideas on
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