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Just getting into SWADE, are the Companion books still compatible?

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  • Just getting into SWADE, are the Companion books still compatible?

    Hello! I've been trying to find the answer to this for a little while now. I apologies if this has been asked to death as well. I'm very new to Savage worlds and I see I've discovered it at the release of a new edition (SWADE). How much of the companion guides relies on the old version of Savage worlds? Are they still worth purchasing if i plan to use the Adventure Edition of SW? I understand the Pinnacle worlds have free conversion pdf's to update their respective setting. I just want a straight clear cut answer on if you can use the Companion books (reliably) with the new Adventure Edition. Example: From what I've tried to find, the Supper Powers Companion is on its 2cd edition. Is this edition easily used with SWADE? If not is there a new edition in the works?

    Thank you if you take the time to help me figure this all out. I'm sure the companion books still hold a great wealth of creative info. I just wanted to know what i was getting into before i dropped all my dosh on them.

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    Welcome to the forums, and Welcome to Savage Worlds!

    The Companion books are generally compatable with Adventure Edition. Some tweeks need to be made, but for the most part they are minor.

    As much as I'd like to put money into PEG's pocket, I'd caution you against making a purchase you won't get much use out of. If there is a specific game mechanic you're looking for, you can always ask for advice on the forum. Folks here are extremely helpful, some with over a decade of experience.

    But if you plan on running an extended campaign in a particular genre, a Companion might be a good investment. Again, the forum is here for you to ask those pesky conversion questions that will inevitably crop up.

    Because you specifically mentioned the Super Powers Companion (and yes, the latest version is the 2nd edition), most of the content is compatable with SWADE. There are a few powers that would need to be removed or rewritten, but you could still get a lot of milage from it.

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      I couldn't of asked for a warmer welcome and thank you for the wise words! I find this system fascinating and all the (savage) worlds revolving around this system are exciting! I will definitely lean on the forum in the future for advice and understanding.

      I'll admit my enthusiasm for all the lore soaked material gives me reckless abandon with my poor wallet lol! I'm not too good at creating a session to run from scratch however. So i've been hungry to sink my fangs into some of the premade settings. One such setting was Necessary Evil: Breakout. It recommends the use of the Super Powers Companion and i realize that the setting itself is also for the Explorer's Edition of SW.

      Any recommendations for someone into SWADE on content aids and or a good place to start? I noticed some "Test drive" stuff on the pinnacle site but, again, I believe its geared for the explorers edition. I may be getting too hung up on "editions" as the story is still very usable its merely the rules that have changed somewhat.

      Thank you again for your time and help! I'm sure the forums hold a lot of answers to my questions. I hope you don't mind if I seek you're opinion in the mean time. Much appreciated!

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    Updated versions of the companion books are planned for release within the next year or so. You might be better off waiting for the new editions.


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      Dootmaster64 My very first introduction to Savage Worlds was Necessary Evil, so that setting holds some significance for me. Unfortunately, I never actually ran it as GM, only played it as someone still quite inexperienced with the nuances of SW.

      Super Powers push the system to it's limits. In some instances, it can break the game (not often... you really need to try, but it can happen). I did run a very short campaign of Supers, and it requires a degree of attention a bit higher than your run-of-the-mill SW game.

      For starters, finding the right threat-balance is important. If you're running a gritty, realistic WWII game, a tank is going to be a miniboss. But in a Supers game, a tank is a speedbump. When a character is strong enough to lift 10 tons and throw it half a block, you need to find new and interresting ways to challenge a Superhero.

      This is where tropes come in.
      A classic superhero trope is "threat to others." Lois is in danger. MJ gets kidnapped. Innocent civilians are held hostage. The heroes (or villians in the case of NE) might save the day, but if people die they can be seen as a liability. This is pretty much the underlying idea behind the Marvel's Civil War film.

      Players in a Supers game are fulfilling a power fantasy, so the threat should come from someplace they have no control over.

      Sounds like the Super Powers Companion is going to be a good investment for you. Smart money is on a new version being released, but I haven't heard any news on that. You can wait for it if you want, wetting your feet with some "entry-level" settings... of which there are MANY.
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        For my tastes, of the Companions:

        Horror Companion is the least in need of updates--everything runs pretty tightly according to the same rules; what few points of changes there are would likely be able to be tweaked almost on the fly by a GM.
        After that, the Sci-Fi Companion is also pretty largely 'intact' post-SWADE. The core of the book is a huge equipment list, so there's little need to change anything, though the change in vehicle rules (the elimination of the Lift trait, especially) means you may need to consider a few bits and bobs. Use the SWADE race generator rather than the Sci-Fi Companion version, though if there's some ability from the latter that you want to include that isn't on the SWADE version, go ahead and use that.
        I can't speak to the Fantasy Companion (it's the one I don't own), but I suspect that it needs more updating, being the oldest of the Companions out there.
        The Super-Powers Companion has some key things that need to be brought into line with the SWADE design philosophy. For one thing, a great many of the Powers use Attributes rather than Skills to wield--that runs directly against the SWADE idea of "active Skills, passive Attributes". The quick-and-dirty fix is probably to go through, and whenever any Power says it needs an Attribute roll to work, you substitute in the word "Focus", using the Focus Skill from SWADE. A somewhat more complicated method is to evaluate each Power individually, and decide which Skill it should be operated off of, or even set of skills (Mind Control, for instance, might be Persuasion, Intimidation or Taunt, giving two different Mind Controllers very different 'feels' in terms of how their Power manifests). Also, the SWADE action-economy (maximum three actions each round) has some serious implications for certain Powers (Extra Actions and Extra Limbs, especially). I'm not sure how they plan to address this particular aspect of the new rules, as a "Flash" clone who is only marginally better at multiple attacks than a well-trained individual feels a bit lackluster, especially at the higher tiers of Power Points. One option as an interim fix is to use Duplication with a "speed clone" Trapping, whereby the speedster creates multiple copies of themselves, which then run around doing everything that needs to get done before disappearing again. It's not perfect, but it helps retain some of the feel, at least.
        This is a decent video to show how that would look:


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          Holy moley! Thank you for taking the time to go so in depth for me! With everyone's answers i think i should label this solved! Love the Assassination Classroom clip too it was a great visual aid xD.

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          Dootmaster64 ,
          As Freemage did not cover Fantasy Companion i would suggest not getting it. I do not think there is anything in Fantasy Companion that is not covered in SWADE and is worth getting unless you can get it half off. While i love Savage Worlds and considered it a premium game, and some of my favorite settings are covered, Fantasy Companion even for SWD was not their best product or at the level of SPC and SFC. There is a plan to write a new one and I would wait for that.

          PS: I also agree 100% that Horror Companion is the best piece of work between the four companions.