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Teleporting Opponents "Up"

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  • Teleporting Opponents "Up"

    The Teleport power allows for Teleporting a foe for +2 Points and a Touch attack. Assuming the attack is sucessful, and outdoors, could the Caster Teleport the opponent up into the air and then let them fall? It is not unseen, and not a solid object. Falling rules would then apply.

    The aim of course is to induce sudden deceleration syndrome in the target of the spell. Remember folks, it's not the fall that hurts, it's the sudden stop at the end.

    Let's call it the Vulovic attack

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    That seems like a valid use of the power.


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      Works for me. The ground is an excellent weapon in my book. Another fun option is to teleport a flying target to a cliff face or a wall.


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        It's possible, but difficult, and probably not as difficult as it should be for how much damage it gets you. Casting the Power and doing a Touch Attack in the same turn is a -2 MAP, but the +2 from the Touch Attack negates that for the attack - but it doesn't negate the -2 MAP on the opposed Spellcasting vs target's Spirit roll. So at best, you'd spend 4 PP, roll straight Fighting, hit your opponent's Parry, and then roll Spellcasting-2 vs Spirit. If you succeed at both of those rolls, though, they're almost certainly just dead - falling 12" with a success is 6d6+6 damage, and a Raise gets you the maximum falling damage of 10d6+10. That's better than any other attack that PCs can get from Powers, and better than all the personal weapons in the Sci-Fi Companion (the shoulder-mounted missile launcher in the SFC does 6d6, for comparison).


        • Radecliffe
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          The foe is opposing the casting roll so there is still only two actions here. The touch attack then the casting roll. The +2 for the touch attack only negates the MAP for the touch attack. The casting roll is at -2 regardless unless there are other modifiers at play.

        • SteelDraco
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          That's... what I said?

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        Let's put some numbers to this...
        Assume the spellcaster is a Wild Card with Fighting d6 and Casting d10.
        Assume the target is an Extra with Parry 5 and Spirit d6.

        Then the chances of the teleport succeeding are 29%, roughly 1 out of 3. So you'd have to spend 12 PP (in SWD) for one success.
        Wow, SWADE makes this much more desirable to try, having to spend only 6 PP for one success.
        Savage Summaries-RAW, with added info from Clint:Combat Actions,Cover,Healing,Using Powers,Grappling,Chases
        Also:Persuasion,Better Bosses,Better Combat Rating
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          This was discussed previously here:


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            Why else would you teleport your enemies?


            • ValhallaGH
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              Volcanoes. Mind games. Outer space. Tank of sea water and sharks.

            • Ndreare
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              Yes, all excellent alternatives I should have considered in the event there is no handy emptiness above.