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  • Blind Mind Riding

    Do you think Mind Rider would allow a blind character to ignore the - 6 penalty to actions requiring sight?

    I am intrigued by the new Mind Rider power modifier of Beast Friend. Here's the text.

    MIND RIDER (+1): The caster can communicate and sense through any of the beasts he’s befriended.​​​​​​
    I have been trying to make a viable blind character for awhile, and this may be the break I need. My thoughts are to give the character Beast Bond and have a crow or some animal perched on his shoulder. He can cast Beast Friend with the power modifier and temporarily "remove" his blindness by seeing through the eyes of the creature on his shoulder. This seems like it would allow him to operate melee and ranged weapons like anybody else. Does this seem like it would work?

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    Ultimately, it is your GM's call.

    My call would be: No, it would not work.
    The power doesn't give the character arbitrary control over where the animal is looking. The human brain processes lots of information and adjusts what the eyes focus on almost immediately, literally the speed of thought. The command path to the beast is simply too slow as it adds a second OODA loop and the character needs to not only process what they are seeing but command the animal to where to look next.
    This basically kills hand/eye coordination.

    Again, ultimately, it is your GM's call. In some wacky-anime style game that has already told reality to go get a beer, sure. In anything grounded in "reality", nope.


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      The power modifier allows you to use the animal's senses, so if the animal can see, it will bestow you sight. edit - as a sidenote, if the animal has a missing eye, it will bestow that penalty to you as well.

      Whether this would eliminate the -6 Blind penalty is debatable. For starters, you'd be seeing things from an odd angle, forcing you to adjust your actions accordingly. Secondly, the animal would need to be fully cooperative, looking where you want it to look. With beast friend this probably isn't an issue, since you could command it to stand still as a Free Action.

      All-in-all, I'd probably reduce the sight penalty to -2. The majority of the issues are eliminated, but it's still disorienting and difficult to coordinate your actions.
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      • SteelDraco
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        Agreed. Drop the penalty for -2 with Beast Friend+Mind Rider. I'd probably allow an Edge to drop the penalty entirely.

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      As Mike points out your ability to control what the animal is looking at is limited which in turn is going to limit the effectiveness of the power to negate the blindness. I could see a -2 familiarity penalty the first few times you try it for a task requiring a static field of view that can go away after the first few times you do it but for anything requiring a mobile field of vision the best I'd give you is a -4. That would include vision based Notice checks and anything in combat.


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        I disagree and see this as AWESOME!!!!!!! You just unlocked alternate camera angles from video games.

        I mean, you could even have your bird fly around behind you so you can watch your own behind as you run


        • Deskepticon
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          mikeZekim One huge caveat though... the NPC targeting the animal would need to have reasonable suspicion the PC is using the animal to see, etc. Otherwise, the GM is metagaming, and that's just as sinful as when a player does it.

        • mikeZekim
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          I don't see it as much of a caveat. It is like Superman's vulnerability to Kryptonite or (Silver Age) Green Lantern's inability to affect yellow objects. Once it is discovered, word gets around.

        • Freemage
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          Word doesn't get around so much in typical fantasy settings, though, or heavily populated worlds. There's no mass media, and you're not generally the living embodiment of humanity's hopes and dreams. In some campaigns, which feature the PCs being not merely active, but actively recognized, yes, this might become a thing that is generally known. But in most fantasy games, the PCs re going to be killing or allying with almost everyone they meet, anyway, so the secret is as safe as it can be in a world where Divination (trapped as speaking with the spirits of the dead) is a thing.

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        BTW, the rules state that the caster needs to see their target, page 151. I would rule that if the caster can touch their target, the sight requirement is satisfied.


        • Deskepticon
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          Yeah, "see" is open to interpretation here. Otherwise a Blind caster is severely limited in what they can do.

          I would say touch satifies the condition, and Beast Bond creates a further exception (i.e., treating the bonded animal as an extension of Self).