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Arcane skill roll fails due to target's Arcane Resistance and/or arcane protection…

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  • Arcane skill roll fails due to target's Arcane Resistance and/or arcane protection…

    Question about how Arcane Resistance and arcane protection in SWADE should work against opposed powers such as puppet and/or resisted powers like stun:

    Do the modifiers from that Edge or power affect whether or not the arcane skill roll itself is considered successful (costing the full Power Points vs only one) if they reduce that skill roll to less than the basic TN of four?

    Further question, if the power activation is considered to have failed, does it fail for all targets of that casting or has it only failed to activate against the target with the resistance/protection? (There was an answer to this on the archived forums but the rules may have changed.)

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    Originally posted by Page 37
    Arcane skills targeting the hero suffer a −2 penalty (even if cast by allies!) and magical damage is reduced by 2 as well.
    Originally posted by Page 154
    Success with arcane protection means hostile powers suffer a −2 penalty (−4 with a raise) to affect this character. If the power causes harm, damage is also reduced a like amount.
    It's clear in both sources that the penalty only affects to roll to affect the specific character. So other characters gain no protection, even when affected by the same casting of the power. That answers your second question.

    As for the first, it seems to be like a range, illumination, or cover penalty. It affects the success against the target but doesn't affect the success of trying to manifest the magic; if you cast bolt at a target with Dodge, and miss because of Dodge, then you still successfully cast the power and used the points.
    So it doesn't affect if the arcane skill roll was successful enough to make the magic happen but does protect the target.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      What ^ Val said.

      It's the same concept as launching a blast, but one of the targets successfully Evades. The power still goes off, it can still affect other targets, and the points are still spent (even if every target Evades).