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RULES Q: Shorting and maintenance?

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  • RULES Q: Shorting and maintenance?

    Lets say a character is out of power points and need to cast a Environmental Protection using the shorting rules. He is underwater and he needs to maintain his spell, but he has no power points. He cannot actually cast again because he is underwater.

    Can he make a spellcasting roll to short the energy needed for maintenance without recasting the spell altogether?

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    Shorting clearly states it works when casting a Power. If he cannot cast it again, he should hurry up to the surface because that Power is going to end unless he has Bennies left or the Soul Drain Edge.


    • Ndreare
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      That is how I was reading it. Which is bad, because this means he will need to make a new character.

    • dentris
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      Is it because of the character's own actions, or because of an error of understanding about the rules? I wouldn't punish a player that hard because he thought the rules worked a certain way. If he knew the risks and took them, it's on him, though.

      If it's a misunderstanding, my advice would be to incapacitate him, but have him wash ashore away from the group and into some sort of trouble, maybe getting captured and having the rest of the group coming to the rescue or something like that

    • Freemage
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      One word: Mermaids.

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    Nope. Shorting only applies when activating powers. Maintaining powers has no rolls required, just spending a single PP per target. Better hope he can hold his breath until reaching air.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      If he has Bennies, he can spend 1 for five PP -- which should easily allow him to maintain the power without recasting. If he's out of Bennies and at the bottom of the ocean with no Power Points then... well he might have not thought this one through. Comes down to what's better for the story, him suffering the bends and surviving or being lost at sea forever.