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  • Feedback - SWADE Virtual Tabletop Bundle

    First off, kudos to PEG for thinking of the VTT users and including those who don't use Fantasy Grounds.

    My comments come from playing RPGs via VTT program both in face-to-face gaming sessions as well as over the net for 12 years.


    This applies to Archetype, Condition and Monster tokens. Why the extra padding (29 to 41 pixels) around the token image? It is unneeded (for any VTT I've used) and inconvenient.

    The tokens with the extra padding removed are ellipses and not circles. They are 296 x 284. Doesn't keep them from being used but still weird.

    Why are they just plain, flat borderless tokens? The Bennies images on the other hand have lovely borders that would have made for nice Token borders to make them pop.

    Blah half_elf token and awesome half-elf token with token ring from the bennies.
    Token with and without token ring.

    In the Monsters folder are 5 condition markers. Maybe those should have gone in a Conditions folder. They certainly aren't Monsters.

    Status Tokens are thankfully missing the extra padding and have a plain border so that's good. However, why are they 303x301 pixels? Why not 300x300?

    Which brings me to resolution. While 300x300 is decent, a bit more wouldn't hurt. Say 500x500 or 600x600.

    It's funny to me that the shark_great_white token depicts a shark eating a human arm while the shark_maneater token just has one eating a fish.


    These also have unneeded padding around them. And the circle templates aren't consistent sizes. Once the padding is removed they are actually circles so that is good. As their purpose is to depict an AOE the padding messes with that.

    Resolution. They appear to be designed at 150 pixels per game yard based on the large circular templates being ~1800 pixels in diameter(1800 / 12 = 150). So the Large templates should be 1800x180, Medium 1200x1200 and Small 600x600 with no padding.

    The cone templates should be 2700 pixels long by 900 pixels wide. BTW, I utterly failed to find a definition of the ending width of a cone AOE in the rules. Based on the images, I've assumed 6 game yards.

    These templates should be exact sizes as when used in VTT programs the GM will be specifying how many pixels equals the width of a hex, grid square or real world measurement like a yard. It's just convenient when the images are already at the correct size.

    Which brings up the resolution subject again. Noting what the intended resolution/size of these items would help the VTT GMs make sure they are the correct size in relation to the maps and tokens.


    Why do the Action Deck cards have a large, irregular gray border around them? Without the border they would be standard poker deck aspect ratio and look a lot better.

    The zip archive has an empty Gear folder under cards. For a later update?


    Excellent high resolution images. Gorgeous.

    Again with the massive empty padding around the images. With the padding removed they are still 1201x1201 pixels(1201?) and probably could have been dropped to half that. They are way higher resolution than any of the other assets in the pack.


    All in all though a pretty cool bundle and much appreciated.

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    BTW, for those playing Savage Worlds via Virtual Tabletop and wanting nice tokens, the free TokenTool app is what I used to create the one above.

    Here is one being created in TokenTool with an character from the Pulp pre-gens download.

    TokenTool screenshot with Pulp character.

    You can get TokenTool from the RPTools github site.


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      We have been using token tools for a while and I really like the results.