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Ambidextrous, Two-Fisted, and Frezy

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  • Ambidextrous, Two-Fisted, and Frezy


    I am updating some of the Savage Rifts archetypes to SWADE and I had a question on edge interactions. So if I understand ambidextrous, Two-fisted, and frenzy correctly, So the character would be able to do 3 actions, all three attacks, in a round. The first action would be frenzy so two fighting rolls usually at a -4, but two-fisted reduces the MAP to -2. The second action would be an attack with the left hand, which normally would be at a -4 for MAP and -2 for offhand, but Two-fisted and Ambidextrous reduces this to -2, and the final attack would be either hand with a -2 for the MAP. Is this correct?


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    With those three Edges, it would effectively be three actions and four attacks, all at -2 due to MAP. You're doing three actions, but only two count due to Multi-Action Penalty (MAP) negation from Two Fisted, so all actions are at -2
    • One attack is the (only) Frenzy attack. Two Fighting dice, one Wild Die, at -2 to all three from MAP. Use the best two. That's what Frenzy does, and since you don't have Improved Frenzy, you can only take this special action once per turn.
    • One attack is the off-hand attack. One Fighting die, one Wild Die, take the better. Ambidextrous + Two Fisted negate the off-hand penalty and make this attack not count for MAP. That leaves it at a total of -2 because you've got a -2 total MAP.
    • One attack is the second non-Frenzy attack. One Fighting die, one Wild Die, take the better. This can be with either hand; the MAP negation from Two Fisted just means you can't use the same weapon for all three actions.
    Keep in mind that you don't have to do this in any particular order; if you had a long sword and a dagger you could do dagger (second bullet point), move 3", Frenzy with the long sword (first bullet point), move 3", and attack again with the long sword (third bullet point) or however you wanted to split that up. The important caveats are that you can only do the Frenzy action once, and you have to use two different weapons to negate two points of MAP via Two Fisted.

    That all make sense?
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      Hey thanks, it does make sense. And I forgot about the movement between attacks.



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        If the player does not want to incur a MAP can't they just do 2 actions/3 attacks?

        One action is the primary weapon, using Frenzy.
        The other action is the off-hand attack.


        • SteelDraco
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          Yup, if they want to. Probably a better plan most of the time.

        • Freemage
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          As SteelDraco said, it's usually better to go with the 2 action/3 attack option. The most prominent case for going for the third action would be when you're getting some sort of bonus that will counter the MAP. Scale, for instance, can give you a +2 to hit against something really big--more swings equals more hits equals more chances for the all-important exploding damage die.

          More tactically, Wild Attack explicitly gets you better returns the more attacks you use in that round (since you only get Vulnerable once, regardless of how many Wild Attack actions you take). Making 4 straight-die attacks (with three wild dice) and +2 damage to each is the classic signature move of the Cuisinart School of Battle.