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Area Effect Attack VS Object/Weapon/People

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  • Area Effect Attack VS Object/Weapon/People

    A ranged/melee attack can Disarm/Breaking Things (Disarm/Breaking, pag.100, SWADE), a weapon or other object.
    - the rule apply to the attack if the target is a weapon? a person? a armor? a shield? or everything at same time?
    - if so, damage is apply to all things in the area?
    - the area effect attack is going to be made with penalty (called shot rule, pag.98, SWADE)?
    - nothing of this is possible because is a area effect attack?

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    Disarm? No. It is an area of effect attack and doesn't target specific weapons.

    In general, the attack only applies to characters caught in the area. However, the GM can decide if an attack would also damage objects.
    For example, a grenade would only damage a character, but a giant boulder would damage everything.

    Also, gear is generally not damaged unless attacked specifically.


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      If this is true "Also, gear is generally not damaged unless attacked specifically." this can't be possible "Disarm? No. It is an area of effect attack and doesn't target specific weapons." with area effect attacks....
      so ill just wait for a official answer.

      Thanks for your opinion.


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        Area Effect Attacks affect everything in the area. Adventure Edition, page 97.
        Any target even partially beneath either type of template is affected. If the effect causes damage, roll for each victim separately. Attacks that hit with a raise cause bonus damage as usual.
        If you want to apply damage to the objects and equipment in the area, you can. Remember to use the Breaking Things rules, page 98. You'll need to assign a Hardness to all of those objects.
        Breaking Things NEVER applies to characters. It may apply to their equipment, but it never applies to characters.

        Usually, it's not worth the time or trouble. Applying damage to each piece of gear a character is wearing / carrying is virtually never worth the trouble - and it's not worth the hostile attitude it shows your players. Using a fireball to try and kill the characters and also try to break all their stuff is a very confrontational move - one that will most likely cause active hostility between the GM and the players.

        Called Shot rules don't apply - you're attacking a volume of space, the characters are just unlucky enough to be in that volume. You can't target a specific spot on a specific character in that volume of space.
        Per the Armor note under Fire, page 127, armor applies normally to most area effects.

        Disarm attacks aren't directly possible with area attacks. But those area attacks can break weapons or objects (see my advice earlier in this post). Or you can just Incapacitate the target because you're rolling damage.
        Until the Official Answer forums open up again, you won't be getting any Official Answers. If you want to wait for those then you can, but you'd be better served writing all those questions down and posting them when that section re-opens.
        I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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          In the interest of Fast! Furious! Fun! I would NOT make AE attacks damage both characters and objects except for thematically appropriate situations (i.e. a fireball cast within an ice cavern might cause fracturing/flooding; a concussion grenade in an enclosed area is more effective; etc.).

          Normal attacks with AP strike through armor, but don't damage it. Likewise, attempting to sunder armor won't damage the wearer. I'd apply that same general rule to AE attacks... either the character is targeted or their gear is, decided by the player at the time of the attack.

          Otherwise, you a) run the risk of really slowing down combat, b) make AE attacks better than they should be, and c) tick-off your players when they not only get whacked for damage, but all their gear gets destroyed too.