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The Burden of Youth (Weight of clothing)

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  • The Burden of Youth (Weight of clothing)

    The weight of casual clothes count as weight of 2. But as a house rule or just my thoughts. Characters with the Young hindrance or maybe just those with the small hindrance who are young or those who are very young which start with the small hindrance, would half the weight of outfits as young characters clothes are smaller and generally wear lighter clothes.

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    Wait, you don't ignore the weight of a set of worn normal clothes? I thought everyone did that. I thought that was a rule.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      I treat worn clothes the same way armor is treated. If you have the minimum strength (for clothes it is d4) you have no problems with it. If you want to carry around extra clothes then I might you track the weight.
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        Originally posted by ValhallaGH View Post
        Wait, you don't ignore the weight of a set of worn normal clothes? I thought everyone did that. I thought that was a rule.
        Hah. We encountered this same question last week and kinda had the same impression, but couldn't find it in the rules. I think it was in some previous version of D&D that the weight of worn clothes didn't count.


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          May have been an earlier edition of Savage Worlds. Or maybe I'm thinking of buying clothes; per page 65 you own normal clothes for free.

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        you own a set of normal clothes for free and wearing it doesn't weigh you down. if you want to buy any normal outfits you don't own, the cost and weight are listed. note that costumes may cost a little more for stuff like parties or conventions or outfits purchased as disguises. for Example, Fancy Clothes for a Tea Party with the Queen costs more.
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          Just saying the weight of clothes for kids who are small would be less, be it worn if one decides to count it or clothes that is carried.


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            once you start asking for lighter clothes for children in Abstracted encumbrance. you start getting requests for lighter weapons, armor, ammunition and rations for children and little people like halflings or gnomes. encumbrance is an Abstraction. the lighter weight of the child's clothes are balanced out by the child's reduced strength, because Abstraction. you don't want to see everything in different sizes. so the 2 out of 20 units for a d4 strength child for child's clothes is the same as 2 out of 20 encumbrance units for adults clothes for a d4 strength adult. Abstraction is the name of the game. remove the word "pounds" and replace it with "encumbrance units" and you will see it balances out. ever noticed how being larger doesn't allow you to carry more and doesn't increase gear weight? same reason a child's encumbrance isn't reduced or there isn't a separate weight for child sized gear?

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            Not asking for anything, it is what I am doing in my game Good gaming.