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My new SWADE character sheet

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  • My new SWADE character sheet

    Since I'm not a big fan of the official character sheets, I made my own and have made a major overhaul for the new Savage Worlds Adventure edition. Thank you to the folks who gave some constructive suggestions on the other thread. I was able to include a good bit of it in the new version.

    I'm not looking to make any more major changes, but if you catch any mistakes or any significant omissions, please let me know and I'll fix it.

    I've shared the PDF via Google Drive here (updated to v1.11):

    Below is a preview of the front of the sheet. The back includes sections for inventory, notes, and slightly condensed rules reference sheet.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	SWADE_CharSheet_Preview.JPG Views:	22 Size:	100.4 KB ID:	19019
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    Looks very nice overall.

    Are the dots next to Advances for games that use XP, like SWD? If so, why are there only three instead of five? If not, what are they for?


    • Ozymandias
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      They are to track # of sessions played. Rules suggest 1, 2 or 3 sessions per advance. So if your GM is doing an Advance every other game, you'd just fill in two bubbles then get the advance.

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    Thanks for sharing your great work!


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      I really like this character sheet, I am rarely satisfied with other's character sheets and find myself making my own most of the time. The only things I would like to see on the sheet that is not are:
      • A place set for the wealth dice system rather than just currency.
      • Since there are now many different ways for drawing multiple action cards a place to record the number of cards you draw per turn and if you take the best or worst would be nice.
      • In the quick reference sheet if you can fit it in the bullets per rate of fire would be good to include.
      • Also if you can find a place to put it having the load limits for strength would be good.
      • Add in a box in the other stats for the run dice.
      Thanks for the great sheet.
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