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[SWADE] How would you represent a Samurai's adherence to the code of Bushido

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  • [SWADE] How would you represent a Samurai's adherence to the code of Bushido

    So, what hindrance would you use to represent the Samurai code of Bushido? Would it be a Major Vow to their Damyio? A Code of Honor (Major) ? Possibly an Obligation (Major or Minor)? Or some combination of these?

    I personally don't think Code of Honor works with the not killing prisoners because a Samurai would kill anyone he is ordered to.

    Maybe a custom hindrance just called Bushido that would be Major for a Samurai and Minor for a Ronin? That does not sound right though.

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    A samurai that tried to live by Bushido would have Code of Honor. Bushido is the expected behavior of a bushi and Code of Honor says the character "tries to operate within his world’s particular notion of proper ... behavior".

    For samurai that only lived up to part of the code, they'd take specific hindrances like Obligation, Vow, Vengeful, or even Driven.
    Most ronin would have Shamed, though some would have Death Wish.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Trying to follow the Code of Bushido would be a Code of Honor. Having to work for a daimyo would likely be an Obligation, though that's usually only significant if it's not something that applies to everybody in the group. If the whole campaign is people working for a daimyo or something, there's no reason to give anybody an Obligation - that's only for someone who has to do something above and beyond the rest of the group.


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        Obligation is for having a bunch of duties that tie up your character for significant chunks of time, enough to interfere with adventuring. Having to be the stable master or majordomo might justify an Obligation, but simple service to the daimyo would not - that's going to be the rare but serious interference typical of Vows.

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      I think it also heavily depends on the type of game and the other characters. Is everyone a Samurai? If so, Bushido is simply the social expectations of the setting and people should face the consequences of breaking it. The Hindrance shouldn't be allowed at all, or just as a Quirk for people who like to follow the letter AND the spirit of Bushido. It would be like taking an Hindrance in a modern game called : ''I respect the law''. It's assumed everyone should and only overzealous ones might qualify for specific Hindrances.

      If you are making a Samurai in a western game, for example, then yes, Code of Honor is the way to go.