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  • New Power: Rend

    So I wanted to design a power specifically for punching through wall and destroying objects. Below is my attempt. Do the dimensions seem too big or small? Do you have any thoughts about possible modifiers? All thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

    Rank: Seasoned
    Power Points: 3
    Range: Smarts
    Duration: Instant
    Trappings: acid, disrupting particles, vibrations
    This is the power for destroying inanimate objects. It melts, disintegrates or otherwise removes a 2”x2” cube of matter. Perfect for getting through locked doors, destroying vehicles or even stripping gear from enemies. No living creature caught in the area is harmed, but they will be naked.

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    For 3 PP I can destroy everything an enemy is wearing, including the cover he is behind? For 4 PP I can do that at pistol close range or further?

    Sounds a bit too powerful to me.
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      How about instead it does flat damage to unattended objects in that area and then provide some sample object toughness for your setting?

      As a "new core power" it can be too easily abused.


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        What about a modifier to smite that adds +4 damage to inanimate objects.


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          Okay, what if I just model it after Decay from the SPC2 and they can disintegrate or otherwise displace a certain amount of matter like five pounds or a 3x3 foot cube?


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            I'd stick with your first idea, unless you're removing the "can affect living creatures" from the SPC Decay. However you do it, I would have it not affect anything that is worn or being touched by a living creature (or, perhaps, in that case the creature gets an opposed Spirit roll to protect his things). No, on second thought I'd go with "can't affect" - what if you're in a multi-story building, and you target the floor at your opponent's feet? Instant 10 foot fall and you've removed him from the fight!

            I would also limit it to a "single object", even if it is less than the max size the power can effect. So, if you target a gun on a small table, only the gun is affected. A "single object" is something that is not physically attached to another thing, and/or made of a single material. By this definition, a door is not a single object since it has wood and metal, so either target the lock or the door itself (in which case the lock falls to the floor). But a pistol is a single object, since the parts are attached to each other and all made of metal (ok, so if there's a wooden stock on a rifle, it stays behind - the point is, the gun is useless).

            Finally, I'd limit the volume to maybe 2x2x2 feet (or any equivalent volume) - that's more than enough to affect a door or a wall, or a significant portion of the table that your opponent is hiding behind.
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              I think Deskepticon has the right idea. Use Smite, but it only affects unliving material. In exchange for this limitation, its damage can Ace.


              • Deskepticon
                Deskepticon commented
                Editing a comment
                I was thinking it could just be a +1 PP modifier that adds +4 damage to inanimate objects hit with smite. Players could Trap it as different spell whenever the modifier is used. So normal smite might be a flaming sword, but with the modifier it's decaying touch or something.